The use of digital instructional and assistive technologies in classrooms is a subject central to today’s educational discourse.  Multiple devices with endless options for content and programming flood the marketplace. This deluge of information can overwhelm teachers and administrators, presenting a considerable obstacle for districts looking to develop an effective, efficient instructional technology program. CASDA faculty will work with school leaders to find an ideal symmetry between devices and content to expand learning opportunities for students.


CASDA faculty will consult with administrators, CPSE/CSE chairpersons, teachers and therapists to ensure systematic, meaningful and cost effective use of assistive and instructional technology devices. After establishing a clear instructional technology strategy, CASDA will offer training, professional development and support for special education and classroom instructors on both iPad and Smartboard devices. Areas of support include:


  • Assistive Technology Considerations

  • The role of the Universal Design for Learning in instructional and assistive technologies

  • Documenting assistive technology devices and services in the IEP process

  • Training for staff and students in the appropriate use of assistive and instructional technology devices

  • Effective Planning for the acquisition, implementation and evaluation of assistive technology tools and strategies




CASDA’s expert faculty will guide your district in the development of an efficient, effective and thoughtful strategy to utilize educational technology in ways that directly impact student learning. 


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