At CASDA, we help school districts think ahead. Education is evolving at a faster rate than any other time in history, which means there are going to be challenges tomorrow that we can’t anticipate today. One of our organization’s greatest strengths lies in the experience of our faculty and staff, as well as the resources they collectively bring the table. ASK CASDA is a service that affords you the opportunity to tap the expertise of our dedicated faculty in order to meet your individual needs. It offers two avenues to assist you with finding solutions to your needs: consultation and research.


For an annual fee of $1,000, you or a designated member of your team can enjoy up to 10 hours of consultation with CASDA’s dedicated faculty members or you can request special annotated research reports on topics of your choosing.  This represents a 10% savings over our standard fees for consulting services. ASK CASDA is offered as an annually repeating service, meaning we will simply bill you at the beginning of each school year. We will also notify you when you are close to expending your 10 hours of consultation services.

Join ASK CASDA today and we’ll provide you with the resources you and your team need to succeed in today’s evolving educational environment. 

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