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Case Studies in Educational Equity

February 5, 2024 
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Stuyvesant Plaza Tower 4, Room 608, Albany 

5 hours CTLE
Facilitator: Damonni Farley, Common Thread

Case studies are a powerful tool for developing the ability to apply DEI concepts. This session will help educators recognize nuanced issues covering multiple areas of diversity that emerge in schools and communities. We will focus on how we can ask the right questions to understand diverse perspectives and motivations in complex scenarios while ensuring we arrive at humanizing, equitable solutions for students.


Participants will: 

  • Explore case studies that address multiple areas of equity such as issues facing LGBTQ+ students and staff, socioeconomic and poverty inequities, disability, special education and racial equity. 

  • Learn to utilize a general question protocol to sharpen our equity lens and bring more specific to the surface. 

  • Explore and discuss strategies that are directly applicable to different areas of equity in schools. 

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