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Dealing with Challenging Employees: A Workshop for Buildings and Grounds and Transportation Supervisors

December 19, 2022
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
WSWHE BOCES, Ballard Road Conference Center


Facilitator: Dr. Michael Johnson, CASDA Educational Consultant

A supervisor’s day is often consumed by employee issues. Efficient and thorough handling of employee discipline can save time and money. This workshop will assist Transportation and Facilities Supervisors in avoiding costly Section 75 due process proceedings and demonstrate an efficient and inexpensive alternative to the formal disciplinary process.
Participants will:
● Learn how to conduct effective counseling sessions and improve employee behavior.
● Learn how to write letters of counsel to be placed in an employee's file.
● Understand how to address conflict inherent in a supervisory role.
● Learn how to avoid expensive, time consuming formal disciplinary processes.

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