A well designed and managed classroom is a must for setting the learning environment, engaging and focusing the students and offering a consistent and safe space which will enhance both teaching and learning.  Research shows that teaching is more effective when teachers design and manage their classroom in a well-planned and constructive manner and when students understand expectations.


CASDA’s knowledgeable Curriculum and Instruction faculty offer thoughtful direction in planning for classroom design and management. Both beginning and experienced teachers can benefit from CASDA’s input.

  • Embedded coaching:  CASDA faculty can spend time in your classroom observing your current environment.

  • Debriefing:  CASDA faculty will sit with teachers individually or in a group, facilitate the brainstorming of ideas, discuss options for modifying current practices and guide in implementing enhanced student learning. 


CASDA’s embedded coaching and debriefing services empower teachers to successfully manage:

  • student behaviors

  • student assessments

  • communication and platforms for sharing

  • time management, planning, and schedules

  • materials, general organization, and routines

Research Foundation: 


CASDA faculty draw on the research and work of Harry Wong and Chip Wood, as well as the concepts promoted by Responsive Classroom and Restorative Justice. 




CASDA faculty can lend insight and help develop plans with teachers for more effective and respectful classroom management and design. This, in turn, will offer students a productive learning environment where procedures and routines are established and followed. CASDA coaching will empower teachers to develop independence, strength and responsibility within their community of learners.


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