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Collaborating for Successful Co-Teaching

October 27, 2023
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Stuyvesant Plaza, Tower 4, Room 608

5 hours CTLE

Facilitators: Tracy Sangare and Michele Sano, North Colonie CSD

Effectively co-taught classrooms are places of dynamic learning in which students’ needs and engagement are prioritized in a uniquely inclusive environment. However, there is no clear roadmap to developing a co-teaching practice in which both teachers and students thrive in robust partnerships. This workshop will explore the essentials of organizing and collaborating to build a co-teaching partnership that centers the strengths of each teaching partner to best meet the unique needs of the students in their classrooms. We will also explore best practices for co-teaching to meet students' needs within MTSS structures. 


Practitioners in both Special Education and ENL co-taught classrooms are encouraged to attend together to develop their collective capacity and explore strategies to improve collaborative planning and instruction to best serve students. 


Participants will:


- Build essential groundwork for collaboration.

- Explore their own and their co-teachers needs and expectations for a strong partnership. 

- Brainstorm innovative ways to collaborate.

- Explore different co-teaching models and when they can be applied.

- Discuss strategies to meet different student needs in an MTSS context.

- Discuss different scenarios that co-teachers may face.

- Have a chance to plan a co-taught lesson to implement in their classroom.

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