Teacher Leaders are increasingly important in curricular and instructional leadership.  Where principals once functioned as a building’s sole instructional leader, professional learning communities comprised of principals and teacher leaders have emerged. In recent years, CASDA has been at the forefront of this movement across upstate New York through the Strengthening Teacher Leadership Effectiveness (STLE) grants. CASDA faculty members have worked with Capital Region BOCES, Herkimer BOCES and the Washington County School District Collaborative to develop the Teacher Leadership Model and provide professional development and support to both principals and classroom instructors.


CASDA’s knowledgeable, experienced Curriculum and Instruction experts offer unique insight into the Teacher Leader’s capacity to facilitate positive change in the school community.  Faculty members meet with district and building leadership to develop a plan to incorporate Teacher Leadership in their organization structure. This process includes:

  • Presentations to administrators and classroom faculty outlining the foundational concepts of Teacher Leadership.

  • Assistance in identifying potential teacher leaders.

  • Thorough explanation of the Teacher Leader’s responsibilities relative to administration and their instructional colleagues.

  • Modeling of effective leadership models.

  • Individual Coaching for developing Teacher Leaders.

  • Follow up training, evaluation and support.




As building and district administrators are increasingly absorbed with evaluation and reporting, teacher leaders are increasingly functioning as their building’s primary engine for instructional growth and evolution. Their ability to serve as a link between teaching colleagues and building or district leadership enables clear communication of goals while empowering educators to develop their craft in service of improved opportunities for students.


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