Preparing students for the challenges of post-secondary education and employment is a primary function of the public school system. Identifying focused programming and strategies to facilitate post-graduation success, however, presents significant obstacles. Cultivating the social, emotional and time-management skills that sustain achievement in higher education and workplace environments is complex, hard to measure and difficult to organize into district wide policies. CASDA’s Climate, Culture and Community experts have years of experience working with students as instructors and administrators. Their knowledge of research supported best practices and insight gleaned from vast experience working in a diverse array of school communities can serve as a crucial asset to school districts hoping to support the success of their students after graduation.


Consultations begin with discussions between CASDA faculty experts and school leadership about goals, strategies and resources available to promote post-graduation success.  College and Career Readiness initiatives often include:

  • Creation of a committee comprised of both faculty and administrators to focus on College and Career Readiness.

  • Review of any existing protocols that address the issue.

  • Interviews with faculty members about any individual methods they may employ to help prepare students.

  • Interviews and focus groups with students, parents and recent graduates allowing them to share their vision of how the school can support post-secondary success.

  • Development of SMART Goal framework to develop focused strategies, guide the improvement process and establish evaluation protocols.

  • Trainings and workshops for faculty, staff and administrators on specific areas of practice influencing post-graduate preparedness.

  • Any necessary follow-up support.




Schools have served as cornerstones of communities for generations precisely because of their profound impact on the lives of students. Clear, strategic programming that ensures that students develop not only Common Core proficiency, but the skills to sustain lives as productive scholars, workers and citizens is essential if schools are to fulfill the entire breadth of the educative mission.

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