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Conferences and Workshops


Improving Student Attendance: Effective Prevention/Intervention Strategies Dealing with Chronic Absenteeism in a Post-COVID World- 1 Day session

Creative strategies for connecting with and engaging students and families is an important key to addressing chronic absenteeism, especially now, in a post-COVID world.


MTSS Support Full-Day Workshop

The MTSS Support Roundtable will kick-off with this full-day workshop to explore essential concepts and assess participant needs. The following roundtable will provide participants with research, strategies, and a supportive community to share ideas, best practices, and reflections with colleagues from across the region.


Collaborating for Successful Co-Teaching

This workshop will explore the essentials of organizing and collaborating to build a co-teaching partnership that centers the strengths of each teaching partner to best meet the unique needs of the students in their classrooms. We will also explore best practices for co-teaching to meet students' needs within MTSS structures.


Co-Designing Teaching and Learning: Reimagining Teacher and Student Roles

This two session workshop will explore with participants the research supporting the application of co-design principles to the classroom setting. Session 1 will take a deep dive into the research by examining practices for applying co-design to the classroom setting. Session 2 will primarily be an opportunity for reflection as participants share their experiences with applying the principles of co-design to their classrooms.

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