Conferences and Workshops


How to Build and Maintain Effective Teams

This workshop will assist leaders at all levels to build an effective team and develop team protocols.


Community Building with ENL Students and Families

Educators will leave with a repertoire of practices to create more humanizing, engaging learning environments that help ENL students build stronger connections to both community and curriculum.


Improving Student Attendance: Re-engaging students in a Post-COVID world -One Day session

Creative strategies for connecting with and engaging students is an important key to addressing chronic absenteeism, especially now, in a post-COVID world.


Communicating with Challenging Audiences

This workshop will assist administrators with strategies to comfortably address difficult audiences.


Dealing with Challenging Employees: A workshop for School Administrators

This workshop will assist administrators in avoiding costly 3020A and Section 75 due process proceedings and demonstrate an efficient and inexpensive alternative to the formal disciplinary process.