Conferences and Workshops


Equity-Centered Trauma-Informed Schools

A FREE virtual workshop series.


Trauma-Informed Education in Rural Schools

A FREE virtual workshop series.


Understanding & Addressing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace: A Workshop for Buildings & Grounds and Transportation Supervisors

This workshop will assist Buildings & Grounds and Transportation Supervisors to effectively address inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Learn how to conduct an investigation of  complaints and to resolve complaints at the informal level. Participants will learn how to prevent harassment in the workplace, to conduct interviews with the victim and the perpetrator and how to document the harassment complaint.


How to Build and Maintain Effective Teams

This workshop will assist leaders at all levels to build an effective team and develop team protocols. Learn how to use the talents of all team members, ensure all team members take responsibility for team success, address team conflict, build and sustain trust, construct a team “code of conduct,” and design effective team meeting structures.


What's On Our Minds?: A Free Virtual Series

FREE, hour-long virtual sessions discussing challenges, sharing research, strategies and solutions on topics of interest to educators