Educators are responsible for helping all students develop the necessary skills for success in future educational endeavors and life beyond the classroom. Schools must ensure that students with disabilities are afforded opportunities to cultivate the skills outlined in the Common Core Learning Standards. Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) is a legal requirement for students with disabilities. CASDA’s expert faculty possesses the knowledge and experience to help districts focus their SDI programs to provide a rigorous, challenging education to all students.   


CASDA faculty members meet with administrators, CSE chairs and instructors to evaluate current SDI programming and establish priorities for improvement. Once goals have been established CASDA can provide both professional development seminars and in-classroom trainings to:

  • Provide strategies for instructional scaffolding.

  • Help teachers identify instances in which content or delivery can be modified.

  • Align SDI methods with Individual Education Plans.

  • Align instructional strategies with the development of Common Core skills.

  • Exploration and application of other methods such as Explicit Instruction for struggling learners.




Schools must provide Specially Designed Instruction to students with special needs. CASDA’s faculty can help instructors advance their understanding and refine their practice to provide students with greater opportunities for learning and skill development.

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