Co-teaching’s conceptual foundation embodies the principles of equality and inclusivity that are cornerstones of educational practice and effectively supports the integration of Special Education students into General Education classrooms.  The success of this method, however, depends upon focused lesson planning, fluid communication and engaged collaboration between Special Education and General Education instructors. Strong professional development in Co-Teaching methodology and strategy, however, can engender seamless working relationships for faculty and improve the learning environment for all students.


CASDA’s Curriculum and Instruction experts are fluent in both the theory and practice of Co-Teaching. Consultations often begin with meetings comprised of school or district administrators, CSE Chairpersons and instructional leaders to discuss current Special Education practices and outline a strategy to successfully introduce Co-Teaching into the school’s continuum of services. This process often includes:

  • Seminar presentation outlining the theory and logic behind Co-Teaching.

  • Introduction of the six Co-Teaching models

  • Classroom observations.

  • Modeling and discussion of the six Co-Teaching models and their applications to different classroom settings.

  • Work with both classroom instructors and Special Education teachers on effective lesson planning, communication and collaboration strategies.

  • Follow up training, support and evaluation.




Integrating Special Education students into General Education classrooms offers tremendous opportunities for learning and skill development. Supporting these students with effective Co-Teaching practices ensures they are provided access to a challenging education of the highest quality.


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