CASDA offers curriculum mapping as part of a continuum of services such as training, support, review and implementation to build leader and teacher capacity in curriculum development. CASDA faculty members have vast experience with systemic curriculum mapping and regard it as a powerful means for improving teaching and learning. Mapping leads to rigorous curriculum with better CCLS alignment and more meaningful assessments, careful data analysis and more cohesive school planning.


CASDA’s experienced faculty will meet with school personnel to determine curriculum mapping needs. A collaborative plan will be developed to determine priorities and design a logical mapping plan. This mapping strategy will focus on data, PD curriculum documents, school improvement team feedback and interviews with teachers, students and principals. Our approach includes:

  • Hands-on training for teachers will result in maps constructed with essential questions, content, CCLS alignment, skills/targets, assessments and resources.

  • Enabling teachers to identify and develop maps based on essential elements of the required curriculum.

  • Maps to be used as a planning guide for PLCs or grade/department teams and serve as a valuable communication tool with principals and other teachers.

  • Training to focus on best practices differentiation of instruction, formative and summative assessment and sharing lessons/units which will focus and connect their work with colleagues.

  • Mapping training and support to offer schools a clear picture of how curriculum, lesson planning, data, reporting and professional development fit together.

  • Maps will serve as an effective tool for cross-curricular skills.




The CASDA curriculum mapping process will enable schools to develop school curriculum related to standards-based continuity, consistency and flexibility in meeting students’ needs. The mapping plan may involve a refresher course on mapping or be part of a longer initiative throughout a school year. Each school plan is designed for alignment with district and school mission/goals, training, implementation and evaluation of effectiveness.

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