Data for Instructional Leadership

August 4, 2021
10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Stuyvesant Plaza Tower 4 - Room 407 and Virtually 

4 hours CTLE

Facilitator: Dale Getto

This workshop will help leaders and their teams, (BLT, Attendance, ad-hoc committees...Data Team or PLC) learn what kinds of data to identify, collect, analyze and monitor to drive academic growth. All educational settings have opportunities for growth, especially if your building has a SCEP Plan, or is attempting to address opportunity gaps and disproportionality.  This workshop will examine the concepts that will allow your team to make evidence-based decisions about instruction, and that align both professional development and classroom practice through the development and monitoring of achievable targets.  


We will be examining NYS School Report Card data to identify your data points for growth.  Participants will be able to identify data sources for their self-identified area(s) of improvement at the district, school, classroom and student level, as well as understand what kinds of evidence should and should not inform program development and practice. We will touch on breaking down data by race, poverty, language and disability status to identify opportunity gaps and places where culturally and linguistically diverse students are not being well served by current practices. Participants will begin to understand what their “data looks like” such that progress monitoring and modifications of their plans can be made in real time on a regular basis.  


Follow-up data coaching will be available to provide ongoing support for an additional fee.