While data is slowly being integrated into the fabric of school district operations, its potential as a diagnostic and instructional tool for struggling learners has remained largely unrealized.  CASDA’s data analysis faculty has worked extensively to reframe the way that educators understand and utilize data in their practice. Using data to focus on the development of Common Core skills transforms testing from a source of anxiety to a diagnostic mechanism that provides teachers with necessary information to focus their work on student skill development. This perspectival shift liberates teachers from “teaching to the test” and ensures that struggling learners receive the targeted instruction to develop essential skills.


CASDA works with teachers, program directors and district leadership to examine a school’s current data analysis practices. Based on these evaluations, CASDA’s faculty will provide all necessary background information and training to successfully utilize data with struggling learners. This process involves:

  • Overview training for entire Struggling Learners faculty and staff.

  • Development of grade or subject level data teams.

  • Administrative coaching for participation in and monitoring of data-focused instruction.

  • Embedded coaching for teachers, including classroom evaluations.

  • Guided discussions for Struggling Learners data teams.

  • Specific strategies to adapt data driven instruction to struggling learners.

  • Development of protocols to evaluate student progress and program effectiveness.




School districts are beginning to successfully implement robust data-driven instruction programs. Their success in focusing instruction on student skill development is undeniable. It is imperative that schools extend their data analysis programs to support the needs of struggling learners. 

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