The DiSC Model is one of the most popular behavioral and personality workplace profiles. There are 45 million people worldwide who “speak DiSC” to communicate more effectively. The DiSC model is considered a language with more than one million new learners of this “language” around the world each year. This is a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors in the workplace. DiSC uses four basic styles to describe how people approach their work and relationships,including dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness.


DiSC training provides an online survey and an individual workplace profile for each participant; Comparison Reports to help build more effective relationships between two individuals; and Group Culture Reports to help improve the effectiveness of working groups such as building leadership teams. The training can be delivered in a variety of formats.


DiSC profiles help you and your team to:

  • Understand behavioral strengths and challenges in oneself and others: respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems

  • Appreciate the strengths and differences of others

  • Enhance teamwork and reduce conflict within groups

  • Become more effective leaders

  • Develop and further coaching and mentoring skills

Why DiSC?

The DiSC assessment can be used in a variety of educational situations, including:

  • Optimizing communication and relationships between faculty and staff

  • Understanding how to motivate faculty and staff

  • Screening potential faculty and staff to see how they would fit in a position

  • Developing courses and lessons for students

  • Understanding the personality and needs of students in an online setting

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