With limited meeting time, multiple issues to address and busy staff members, it is critical that faculty meetings be carefully designed to achieve their intended objectives. Successful faculty meetings contribute to the continuous improvement of teaching, learning, and professional relationships within schools. They add value by cultivating a deeper understanding of essential concepts and practices such as curriculum and instruction, classroom management, assessment protocols, and student social and emotional health. Effective leaders know how to construct focused meetings that both support and empower educators as they strive to better meet the needs of students.


CASDA will help leaders develop skills to design focused, effective meetings in order to:


  • Energize and educate staff in best practices literature and sharing research-based instructional strategies.


  • Celebrate internal faculty successes that have positively impacted student and school outcomes.


  • Collaboratively and courageously solve major issues and barriers to student success.


  • Develop action plans, outlining individual and collective responsibility for work to meet student performance targets.




Well run meetings leave participants feeling both energized and accomplished. Structured conversations highlight effective practices and help participants understand how their valuable efforts support improved student outcomes and contribute to a strong school community. Let CASDA help you plan and lead meaningful faculty meetings.

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