Community Building with ENL Students and Families

October 14, 2022

9 a.m.-2 p.m.


5 hours CTLE

Location: Stuyvesant Plaza Tower 4 - Room 407

Facilitator: Tracy Sangaré, NBCT, ENL Teacher, North Colonie CSD

Affirming and welcoming classrooms are built with intention. This professional development will focus on how we create a welcoming environment and build community in our classrooms. There will be a focus on affirming classrooms for ENL students to build relationships that support a sense of connection and belonging, social-emotional wellbeing and academic engagement and growth. We will also discuss strategies for welcoming ENL families in a proactive, positive manner that allows educators to draw upon their “funds of knowledge” to integrate family and community assets into the classroom. Educators will leave with a repertoire of practices to create more humanizing, engaging learning environments that help ENL students build stronger connections to both community and curriculum. 


  • Participants will leave with strategies and practices to build community with ENL students, support ENL students developing positive peer relationships and build a classroom community that is welcoming, inclusive and affirming for all learners. 

  • Participants will understand the importance of clear, supportive and effective communication with parents and families to support the learning and wellbeing of ENL students. 

  • Participants will learn strategies to welcome families’ cultural funds knowledge into the classroom to enrich all students’ learning in positive, affirming ways without resorting to tokenization. 

  • Participants will learn strategies to create a welcoming school environment for ENL students and their families.