Strong extracurricular programming offers students learning opportunities that compliment and expand the critical thinking and interpersonal skills developed through classroom instruction. Athletics, Performing Arts, Community Service and various clubs and organizations all have the potential to help students feel invested and empowered in both their education and larger school community. School districts, however, must navigate funding and staffing obstacles while finding the appropriate balance between academic rigor and extracurricular enrichment.  CASDA’s Climate, Culture and Community experts are experienced administrators, instructors and athletic directors who are capable of offering unique insight into the process of developing robust, rewarding and sustainable extracurricular programs.


Development consultations for extracurricular programming begin with meetings to examine current offerings, target areas for improvement and identify available resources.  Input from diverse stakeholder groups is often solicited throughout the project. This process often includes:

  • Formation of advisory committee comprising administrators, coaches, club faculty advisors and other relevant personnel to guide the improvement process.

  • Development of SMART Goal framework to clearly articulate project goals and strategies.

  • Document review pertaining to the funding and expenditures of athletic departments, performing arts groups, student clubs and community service organizations.

  • Interviews and focus groups to solicit the input of students, parents and community members.

  • Training to optimize specific extracurricular activities.

  • Follow up support to ensure program sustainability. 




A diverse, balanced extracurricular program serves as an invaluable compliment to rigorous academics. The range of opportunities offered by athletics, arts, clubs and community service supports students as they grow into well-rounded citizens. Offering a diverse range of activities beyond the classroom is essential for districts as they strive to prepare their pupils for future academic and personal achievement.

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