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A Practical Guide for Aligning Policy to Equitable Outcomes

March 5, 2024


4-5 p.m.


1 hour CTLE

Facilitator: Dr. Michael Piccirillo, CASDA Executive Director and Jerome A. Steele, CASDA Assistant Director of Research and Program Development

If you attended CASDA’s workshop, A Practical Guide for Reviewing Policy With An Equity Focus, then you will want to continue the work of modifying policies by aligning them to the intended equitable outcomes. If you did not attend the previous workshop, you will still benefit from examining a policy of your choice through developing hypotheses for causation and engaging in a root cause analysis lens.


During this workshop, CASDA facilitators will assist participants to identify perspectives or data points that would be necessary in the construction of an updated, more equitable policy. Facilitators will model collaboration, inquiry and reflection throughout to provide the tools for individuals or teams to own the process going forward.  Additionally, we will share strategies for engaging the community in the policy review process.

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