CASDA faculty members bring their extensive experience as administrators at all levels to support, coach and offer professional development to school leaders. Drawing on knowledge gained from years in the field, CASDA can help district leadership create a progressive, learning- driven environment that challenges teachers to evolve and grow in their practice and affords students diverse, enriching learning opportunities.


Following the research of Dr. Michael Fullan - (The Principal (2014), Leadership: Key Competencies for Whole-System Change (2015), CASDA will design a program enabling school leaders to model and shape the conditions for an environment that supports continual learning for students and teachers alike. CASDA has a long history of supporting leadership through a variety of professional development supports from book studies to individual coaching and year-long administrative training. Leading Learning offerings include:


  • Examining the needs and administrative structure of a district or school

  • Support for school leaders to encourage positive collaboration at the district and school level

  • Theory of action planning- SMART goals, action plans and learning targets

  • Building a commitment to continuous improvement individually and for the entire organization

  • Using data effectively as a tool for leadership and instructional improvement

  • Using self-management skills to create more time for leadership

  • Building a supportive network within the district

  • Coaching or mentoring new or veteran school leaders

  • Administrative Retreats or workshops




CASDA faculty will develop a customized Leading Learning strategy to meet the specific needs of your district. Coaching and mentoring as well as follow-up training and support may be done to ensure sustainable change and improvement.

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