Mindful Teachers, Mindful Students: Creating a Classroom of Peaceful, Engaged and Focused Learners

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

9:00 - 12:00 pm

Registration: 8:30 am 

Cost: $59 for member/ $119 for non members

***Participants will receive 3 hours of CTLE credit*** 

UAlbany Health Sciences Campus - Cafe Conference Room

As the mental health needs, poverty rates and technology overload of students all increase at a steady rate, teachers are faced with many challenges in the classroom. High levels of stress, difficulty maintaining focus on challenging tasks, and an inability to consistently regulate emotions are just a few of the realities that are making it difficult for teachers to teach and for students to learn. As a result, the sense of overwhelm that teachers are feeling is also on the rise. Fortunately, there is a very simple, inexpensive and evidence-based practice, called mindfulness that can transform school cultures. 


Mindfulness is being incorporated in an increasing number of schools as educators across the country are experiencing the benefits for themselves and for their students. This workshop will introduce mindfulness, how it works, and specific ways in which teachers can incorporate this practice in their classrooms. This will be a very interactive, practical workshop and teachers will be energized and will leave with many tips, ideas, tools and resources that they can use in their classrooms immediately.

Participants Will Learn: 

  • What mindfulness means and how to begin a personal practice. 

  • How mindfulness changes the brain and builds focus, attention and social-emotional skills. 

  • The importance of self-care in the teaching profession. 

  • The benefits of integrating mindfulness into self-care. 

  • The components of being a mindful teacher.

  • Activities, games, apps, books and other creative ways to incorporate mindfulness in the classroom. 


I .         Introductions and Brain Activator

II.        Overview of Mindfulness as a Superpower

III.       Neuroplasticity: How Mindfulness changes the Brain.

IV.       Beginning a Mindfulness Practice

V.        Being a Mindful Teacher

VI.       Mindfulness Activities, Games, Apps and Resources that Work with Students

Conference Facilitator: 

Jennifer Bashant, Ph.D - CASDA Faculty

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