The Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) mandate necessitates the implementation of a thorough and efficient strategy to record and report teacher performance data. Many districts across New York State are utilizing Danielson Rubrics (Danielson, 2007) to guide their evaluation process. CASDA’s expert faculty is fluent in the Danielson System and can guide your district toward developing a thoughtful, effective approach to APPR.


Utilizing your district’s current APPR plan as a reference, CASDA faculty will familiarize school leadership with the Danielson method by:


  • Defining rubric language.

  • Identifying similar practices.

  • Outlining successful collection practices.

  • Clarifying evidence.

  • Role-playing difficult conversations.

  • Targeting areas for long term development.

  • Providing any necessary follow-up supports.




Strengthening and refining the APPR process allows for more effective use of leadership time, improves inter-rater understanding, streamlines the evaluation process, focuses professional development and allows for targeted goal setting to improve student learning.

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