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Project Based Learning in Action

November 30, 2021

12-3 p.m.


3 hours CTLE

Tech Valley High School

*Registration is now closed as we have reached out 12-person max enrollment limit.*

Project based learning (PBL) provides opportunities for students to learn in a dynamic and interdisciplinary manner - allowing them to make connections between content areas and develop critical thinking skills. This approach is also often far more relevant to life after graduation regardless of whether students attend college or enter the workforce. This half-day workshop will allow participants to attend Tech Valley’s afternoon long block classes in the content area of their choice to see instructors and students in action. This activity will be followed by a facilitated dialog between Tech Valley’s instructional leaders and program participants to allow space for attendees to brainstorm about how they can implement elements of PBL in their classrooms. 

*Max enrollment for this event is 12 people*