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A Practical Guide for Reviewing Policy With An Equity Focus

February 13, 2024


4-5 p.m.


1 hour CTLE

Facilitator: Dr. Michael Piccirillo, CASDA Executive Director and Jerome A. Steele, CASDA Assistant Director of Research and Program Development

Many districts have adopted policies to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their schools and worked to ensure more equitable opportunities, experiences and outcomes for all students they serve. However, many educators have wondered “what does this look like in practice?” In this virtual workshop, CASDA facilitators will model the use of a protocol to ensure the language in your policies is aligned to the equitable outcomes desired. 


Each participant will bring one District policy to examine, review and revise to align to equity outcomes. Participants will engage in discussion about the process by which they selected their policy, the data that supported their choice, and begin the work of evaluating and revising the policy based on equity outcomes data.

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