Professional Learning Communities are the most effective way to create a school culture that values continual learning and evolution among faculty and staff. This progressive mindset enhances faculty engagement with their pupils, content areas and instructional practice to improve learning opportunities and educational outcomes for students. 


Professional Learning Communities are built upon three central ideas: a focus on learning, a culture of collaboration and an emphasis on results. CASDA will work in conjunction with school leadership to efficiently and transparently develop a PLC with full participation from all stakeholders. This process involves:

  • Presenting a PLC overview and implementation strategy to administrators and the collective bargaining unit.

  • Presenting a PLC overview and implementation strategy to all involved faculty with union representation in attendance.

  • Implementation beginning with grade level training (strategies can be customized to specific district needs).

  • Coaching and mentoring for system and building leaders and faculty.

  • Continued development for new teachers and administrators as they transition into the PLC environment. 

  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis to ensure that progress is measurable and sustainable.




PLC implementation is an evolving process that occurs over time. CASDA supports administrators in creating the results oriented, collaboration based culture that Professional Learning Communities embody. 

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