Building Culturally Responsive Literacy Using Text Sets

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019

9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Registration: 8:30 a.m. 

Cost: $60 for members/ $120 for non-members 

***Participants will receive 3.5 hours of CTLE credit*** 

UAlbany Health Sciences Campus 

All students approach a text from a different place in their reading development. The NYS NextGen ELA Standards note “each student brings different skills and background knowledge to the act of reading, a text that is ‘complex’ for one reader may be accessible to a peer in the same classroom. For this reason, educators should provide scaffolding and support as needed to allow all students to access grade-level texts.” Further, all students can enrich their understandings of myriad texts and cultural artifacts if they can engage in productive classroom dialog with their peers. 

Based upon the Interactive Strategies Approach-Extended (ISA-X) literacy intervention developed by UAlbany Child Research and Study Center researchers Lynn Gelzheiser, Laura Hallgren-Flynn, Margaret Connors and Donna Scanlon*, this workshop will explore how to build bridges for students whose lack of background knowledge and reading skills are inhibiting their subject area growth. Building text sets for content area themes will allow students to engage more meaningfully in the act of reading while students benefit from deeper engagement in academic discussion with peers and teachers. Presenters Carmella Parente, K-12 Social Studies, World Language, and Family Consumer Science Coordinator for Schenectady City Schools, and Kerri Messler, K-12 English Language Arts and Library Coordinator in Schenectady City Schools, will take you through the process of reading through a text set as if you were a student and developing text sets that represent, value and celebrate the diverse cultures of your students.

*Gelzheiser, L., Hallgren‐Flynn, L., Connors, M. & Scanlon, D. ( 2014). Reading Thematically Related Texts to Develop Knowledge and Comprehension. The Reading Teacher, 68( 1), 53– 63 doi: 10.1002/trtr.1271

Gelzheiser, L.M., Scanlon, D., Hallgren-Flynn, L., & Connors, P. (2018) Comprehensive Reading Intervention in Grades 3-8: Fostering Word Learning, Comprehension and Motivation. NY: Guilford.

 Gelzheiser, L.M. (2005).  Maximizing student progress in one-to-one programs: Contributions of texts, volunteer experience and student characteristics. Exceptionality, 13, 229-243.

Gelzheiser, L.M., Scanlon, D., Vellutino, F., Hallgren-Flynn, L., & Schatschneider, C. (2011) Effects of the interactive strategies approach-extended: A responsive and comprehensive intervention for intermediate-grade struggling readers.  The Elementary School Journal, 112, 280-306




Carmella Parente - K-12 Social Studies, World Language, and Family Consumer Science Coordinator,  Schenectady City Schools

Kerri Messler - K-12 English Language Arts and Library Coordinator, Schenectady City Schools 

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