*New* Roundtables


Engaging Classroom Instruction Through PBL Roundtable

This Roundtable series will examine how to shift learning toward a more student-centered, authentic, engaging experience for students.


Leadership in Support of Engagement and Instructional Innovation Roundtable

This joint venture involving CASDA and Tech Valley High School will provide instructional leaders with the space to share how they are moving forward as innovative leaders after their experiences during COVID-19. 

Annual Roundtables


Athletic Directors Roundtable

Join us to communicate, collaborate and share your practice with other Athletic Directors in the Capital Region.


School Counselors Roundtable

A professional learning community that will focus on strategies for developing and sustaining engagement with students and families during this uncertain period.


The Principal Collaborative

The Principal Collaborative is a unique, responsive professional development opportunity for principals and assistant principals to develop their leadership and practice in a joint forum.