The implementation of the ELA common core standards has been a difficult process for schools. Teachers in grades 3-8 are being asked to increase the complexity of their instructional material in order to cultivate higher level critical thinking skills in students. Utilizing data to identify below grade-level skill deficits and employing appropriate instructional strategies and scaffolding is essential to developing critical thinking skills.  CASDA’s integrated DDI system linking data analysis to classroom instruction helps break down the complexities of this process.


Members of the CASDA Data and Analysis Team have developed a simple, yet powerful, integrated DDI system.  The CASDA Data and Curriculum/Instruction experts provide professional development directly to teachers.  This professional development includes:

  • Instructing teachers on how to understand and utilize data analysis reports as the beginning of the integrated DDI process

  • Linking data analysis to classroom instruction

  • Identifying student skill deficits

  • Targeting specific skill deficits on a classroom, small group and individual basis

  • Pinpointing instructional strategies and scaffolding need to remediate those skill deficits



The method of identifying skill deficits, particularly for students who are below grade level, will lead to practical, targeted instructional strategies and scaffolding. Our research has shown that teachers using this skills-based targeted approach can have success achieving student performance gains.

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