Scheduling for Student Growth

December 1, 2022

3:30-5 p.m.


1.5 hours CTLE

Location: Virtual

Facilitator: Dale Getto

Time is perhaps a school's most valuable resource. The Master Schedule dictates how schools utilize the time of both educators and students throughout the school day and is a reflection of our values and institutional priorities.  While developing a Master Schedule can be a frustrating, arduous and even scary process, it is also an opportunity to allocate vital resources towards educational equity and academic growth. In this initial session we will ask the question: Do our scheduling practices reflect our school and district’s mission and goals? We will offer and share strategies on how to organize the school day and week in order to schedule time for meaningful collaboration between teachers, strengthening instruction and providing appropriate interventions and supports for students across academic levels.    


Please join us to learn more about student-centered, growth-oriented scheduling practices!