The safety and security of students and staff has become an increasingly significant concern for schools and communities in recent years. It is imperative that a school's administration, faculty and staff are prepared to respond to and manage crises effectively and expediently. CASDA offers training in school safety planning, crisis management protocols and can assist in developing a recovery plan for the school and community.


CASDA will work in conjunction with a school safety team to develop emergency response strategies focusing on the four key elements of Crisis Management :


  • Preparedness: Safety plans and documentation, practice plans, community awareness and crisis debriefing.

  • Response: Know your community priorities for safety, develop a clear communication process, and designate a single person responsible for communications.

  • Recovery and Support: Initial impact of a crisis, immediate counseling and support, short and long-term healing processes, and the transition toward recovery.

  • Policy, Mitigation and Prevention: Facilitating crisis management collaboration between the school and community. Developing effective transition plans for students returning to school following behavioral interventions. Detailed  policy review to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations. Examining social media's impact on schools and communities in crisis. 




CASDA will work in conjunction with your school safety team to ensure that district and building policies comply with State Education Department regulations relating to the Safe Schools Act and Dignity for All Students Act. The plans and protocols developed will ensure that administration, faculty and staff are thoroughly prepared to manage a school safety crisis.

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