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Safety, Culture and SEL in Schools

July 11 and July 13, 2023
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
WSWHE BOCES, Ballard Road Conference Center

10 hours CTLE

Facilitator: Heather M. Reynolds, Ed.M., Ph.D. is a Professor of Teacher Education at SUNY Empire State University and consultant for SEL-solutions

Why is it important for districts to assess SEL related programming and initiatives? Recent data shows that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic more of our students are experiencing poor mental health outcomes and exhibiting problematic behavior. When schoolwide, data driven SEL programs are utilized, students’ sense of well-being, academic performance, and behavioral outcomes improve. Research shows us that SEL programming is more impactful if it is district wide, involves all school stakeholders, is well resourced, linked to district goals/mission, and regularly assessed. Participants will be provided with tools and supports to examine and assess current SEL related programming in their district. 


This workshop will include discussions and analysis related to: 

  • Current trends in student and staff social and emotional health and safety 

  • Data driven SEL related programming 

  • The creation of a district level SEL-action plan

Assessment of and reflection on SEL related programming is essential to ensure alignment with key district goals and research-supported best practices. This session would be most beneficial if districts send a team of educators and administrators who would have first hand knowledge of current SEL related programming.

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