CASDA Reorganizes to Meet Schools Changing Needs

January 12, 2015

School districts are facing unprecedented challenges. Educators and administrators are required to meet ambitious evaluation standards with ever-diminishing funding from the state.  As CASDA continues to evolve to best suit the needs of schools, it has organized five Service Teams comprised of experienced educators and administrators to provide districts with timely, critical insights and consultations that meet the stringent demands of today’s educational environment.

The five service teams focus on Curriculum and Instruction, Leadership and Management, Data Assessment for Instructional Effectiveness, Special Education, and Learning Environment. The teams are composed of CASDA faculty members with extensive experience in meeting diverse challenges across these fields.  Each of these teams focuses on an area that is a field of study unto itself, and as such, can provide a depth of knowledge that can transform the scholastic environment.

The Curriculum and Instruction team focuses broadly on providing teachers and administrators with the means to develop strategies to meet the rigorous standards imposed by state-mandated testing. This is primarily accomplished through curriculum audits and curriculum mapping. Audits are valuable in assessing the strengths and weaknesses in a district’s current practice, while curriculum mapping attempts to implement strategies that are widely regarded as best practice in each specific subject.

Leadership and Management Services focuses primarily on supporting teacher leaders and administrators as they contend with the demands of leading a school community. Leadership and Management consultations occur in many different forms. Instructional coaching can help to establish a consistent and clear pedagogy within a school’s Math Department while executive coaching can empower an administrator to more effectively manage personnel and resources.

The Data Assessment for Instructional Effectiveness team is designed to aid educators in understanding and utilizing quantitative data. This service team can help schools track and analyze student performance as well as evaluate an entire district’s performance on state tests. CASDA can also compare a district’s data with that of high performing schools engaged in widely recognized best practices in a specific subject area. These comparisons can help districts develop clear, research supported strategies to improve performance.

The Special Education team offers valuable insights on district wide special education policies as well as specific instructional training. CASDA can provide assistance in dealing with complex issues pertaining to program funding as well as state compliance reviews. This service team is also equipped to help districts develop programs employing assistive learning technology. This development employs programs and applications found in tablets such as the iPad and promises to revolutionize special education. CASDA’s Special Education Service team can ensure help schools stay at the vanguard of this emerging practice.

The Learning Environment service team explores a wide range of cultural, behavioral and economic factors that assert considerable influence in a student’s educational experience. CASDA can help districts and educators to negotiate these matters carefully and respectfully while providing the best possible learning situation for any student. CASDA can also help teachers create environments that stimulate engagement and participation, leading to improved and sustained academic achievement for students of all backgrounds.

The CASDA Service teams offer comprehensive insights into the multitude of diverse and complex issues facing school districts and individual educators. Team members have years of research and practical experience which ensure that schools can develop clear and sustainable methodologies to meet the needs of all students. 

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