CASDA Announces Summer PD Series for Area Educators

June 16, 2015

While the summer grants a respite from the daily rigors of teaching and administration, the recess also provides educators an opportunity to reflect on their practice and strengthen their craft. CASDA’s summer professional development offerings address a diverse array of timely issues facing the educational community. From detailed seminars on utilizing data in the classroom to an immersive workshop on student poverty, CASDA’s summer presentations will stimulate educators, allowing them to return to their district in the fall armed with new tools and deeper knowledge to improve the education of their students.


CASDA’s annual conference for school office professionals will be held on June 29th. This offering focuses on the increasing demands placed upon these indispensable members of the school community. Panels and speakers will address issues such as time management in the office and dealing with difficult members of the community. The “Research-Based Approach to Reducing Challenging Behavior: Collaborative Problem Solving” workshop is being conducted on July 15th. This day full day event provides a detailed examination of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach to dealing with student behavioral challenges. Emerging out of research conducted at Harvard University, this concept will offer school administrators, PPS directors, social workers and school psychologists an innovative and effective framework for confronting behavioral issues.


The Summer Data Institute will take place on July 21st. This offering will empower participants to utilize data to “explore ways to develop and sustain a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement.” The Data Institute seeks to contextualize data as a means to facilitate improvement in student outcomes. By appropriately defining data’s role in today’s educational framework, teachers will gain the necessary skills to make productive data-based decisions and connect data-driven analyses to their classroom practice.  “Experiencing Poverty” is being presented on July 28th. Educators will be immersed in an intensive poverty simulation experience. This exercise in empathy will expose teachers and school administrators to a variety of challenges that students and parents dealing with poverty confront on a daily basis. “Experiencing Poverty” will promote a more nuanced understanding of the struggles facing underprivileged students and their families.


“Mental Health Challenges in Schools” will address an increasingly urgent issue for educators on July 30th.  Presentations from Dr. Jeffrey Daly, Medical Director at Four Winds Saratoga, Melissa Ramirez and John Richter of the Mental Health Association in New York State, Dr. David N. Miller, Associate Professor of School Psychology at the University at Albany, and Dr. Kristin Miller, Associate Professor of Psychology at Siena College, will provide expert insight into many of the mental health questions facing school personnel. This symposium will provide an “overview of the topics, along with the latest information, including research on best practice as well as practical applications” to provide teachers and administrators with essential knowledge to confront issues surrounding mental health in a sensitive and thoughtful manner.


The 10th annual Mel Osterman School Law Conference, held on August 4th, will focus on the relevant legal issues facing school administrators and personnel. Presentations will include information on changes in Education Law, insight into accommodating transgender students and employees, issues surrounding AAPR and investigation of the school’s role and responsibility in the ever evolving social media landscape. “The ABCs of CPR: Complying With the New Law” is a half day workshop that will provide teachers, administrators, school nurses and staff with all of the essential information surrounding the new CPR mandate. Experts such as Dr. Michael Dailey, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Albany Med, will teach participants how to properly administer CPR and provide an understanding of what occurs physiologically when CPR is performed. This knowledge will ensure that your district is in full compliance with this new legislative mandate.


Confronting the most urgent and challenging issues facing educators, CASDA’s diverse summer offerings bring expert knowledge directly to teachers, administrators and school personnel. These conferences provide educators a unique opportunity to gain understanding in a variety of areas of educational practice that can only serve to improve their communities.

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