On the Horizon: Focus Areas for 2018-19


CASDA has exciting plans for workshops, conferences, videos, podcasts and webinars in 2018 – 2019.  As in the past, CASDA will meet the professional development needs of districts educators, students and their communities in a variety of ways.  Here are some the key areas of focus for CASDA’s work in 2018 – 2019:


Regional Center for Parent University

A number of school districts in the region have implemented an initiative called Parent University.  The concept behind Parent University is to extend the opportunity to learn beyond students and staff to parents and community members.  By holding workshops on topics of interest and importance to parents, school districts support the ideal of life-long learning.   CASDA will convene educators and parents from around the region to develop a network of Parent University Districts.  In addition, utilizing the experience and expertise of its diverse faculty, CASDA will offer a variety of workshops geared to meet the needs of parents through individual district events and regional events.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

There is no doubt ESSA will dominate the work of school districts.  CASDA is uniquely positioned to provide support for districts through the work of an experienced and diverse faculty.  Key areas of ESSA CASDA can assist with include new standards implementation, access for students to well-rounded educational opportunities, safe and healthy schools, effective use of technology.  Let us know how we can help build your capacity to successfully implement ESSA in your district.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Every school district is faced with rising numbers of students with mental health and substance abuse issues.  CASDA can help by providing workshops for students, faculty, staff and parents.  We will be working closely with local governmental agencies and community partners to collaborate on a variety of ways we can support schools.  We have expertise in a number of related areas such as home visits and student attendance.  CASDA’s work in community development is one of several strategies utilized to achieve its mission. 


Here at CASDA, we recently unearthed a publication from 1957/58 called Casdaids.   In it, we found examples of exemplary teacher lessons and practices that were shared with practitioners around the region.  Using today’s technology CASDA will be offering a twist on this model of professional development, Practitioner Webinars, where peers share exemplary instructional strategies with peers in an easy to access manner.  Other technology driven services CASDA offers includes virtual coaching, video production and podcasts.  We can use our technology to meet a variety of your needs.


Leadership Development

In addition to our work with Principals, CASDA has convened vibrant Roundtables for educators working in a variety of positions: Athletic Directors; Alternative Education for Educational Leaders; Alternative Education for Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers; Instructional Technology; Special Education; English Language Learners; Buildings and Grounds; Elementary STEM; Master Scheduling for Secondary Schools; Literacy in the Content Areas.  As needs have presented themselves CASDA has been responsive in adding Roundtables to provide venues for educators to develop their skills tin the company of peers.  An area of leadership development CASDA will explore through webinars, podcasts and workshops is Intentional Leadership.  Using a research-based model, participants will develop and hone their skills related to visioning, intentionality of decision-making and systems thinking. 


CASDA facilitated Poverty Simulations have had a significant positive impact on the work of districts in the area acting as a catalyst for a deeper study regarding the issue of equity.  CASDA will continue this highly successful model in 2018 – 2019 and endeavor to expand its work by providing follow-up support to districts in the form of team-based workshops and group or individual coaching.  Additionally, CASDA will be exploring the possibility of offering training in cultural proficiency.

School Improvement Models

NYKIDS, a project in the School of Education, University at Albany in partnership with CASDA offers two-day institutes with follow-up coaching sessions to implement the research-based school improvement model COMPASS-AIM.  A model for continuous school improvement, COMPASS-AIM engages school-based teams in reflective, collaborative inquiry, which looks holistically at how to impact student performance.  This is not a prescriptive model, though it is grounded in best practice research.  Rather, teams of teachers and administrators work on goals tailored to their schools needs and use COMPASS tools and processes as a guide.
Career Paths for Students

Perhaps your school district participates in one of them many successful College Fairs organized by CASDA each Fall and Sprung.  Recognizing that not all students when they graduate from high school will attend college, CASDA will be exploring the idea of expanding College Fairs to be College and Career Fairs.  In addition to meeting college and university representatives, students and their families will have the opportunity to meet area business and industry partners and learn about the myriad of career path opportunities right here in the Capital Region.

CASDA is here to serve you’re the needs of your district and the people it serves.  We can and will customize our work to meet the professional development needs you identify in the way that best addresses your learning culture.  We look forward to working with you in 2018 – 2019.

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