Thoughtfully constructed Individual Education Plans (IEPs) facilitate opportunities for struggling learners in ways that go far beyond meeting statutory requirements.  Carefully assessing present levels of performance and identifying the most appropriate services, supports and placements ensures that students engage in rigorous educational programming that aligns with state and federal standards.


CASDA’s Struggling Learners experts have vast experience in instructional, administrative and CSE capacities, giving them deep insight into the IEP development process. Our faculty members meet with administration, instructional and Special Education leadership to review current IEP protocols and construct a plan to implement research-supported best practices to optimize support for students. This process often includes:

  • Document review of current IEPs.

  • Review of state and federal learning standards.

  • Aligning IEPs with learning standards.

  • Observation of support and instructional practices.

  • Modeling best practices for crafting and documenting each IEP Component.

  • Strategies for utilizing student performance data to determine appropriate placements and support.

  • Follow up review, evaluation and support.





IEPs are a legally required document for all students receiving Special Education services. These documents, however, can serve as a guide that enables educators to offer students greater learning opportunities and meet more rigorous standards. Clear, effective IEP development protocols are a tremendous asset to both students and instructors and are a cornerstone of outstanding Special Education programming.

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