Clearly articulated goals and evidence-based strategies are essential to the success of school districts. Given the scale of state testing and reporting requirements and often limited financial resources, it is imperative that schools set focused, realistic objectives and enact thoughtful strategies to drive school improvement. CASDA’s expert faculty possesses vast experience in all areas of school leadership and offers invaluable guidance to districts looking to develop effective, sustainable strategic plans.


CASDA is uniquely positioned to serve as a dynamic planning facilitator at both the district and building levels. The strategic planning process includes:


  • Extensive work with central administration to identify primary goals.

  • Interviews with faculty and staff to generate feedback on goals and strategies.

  • Development of a process that engages all stakeholders in open communication and the work of school improvement.

  • Evaluation processes that draw upon objective data as well as feedback from all parties.

  • Follow-up coaching and mentoring to ensure that improvement is lasting and sustainable.




CASDA’s strategic planning service helps districts and buildings develop a vision and forge a foundation for progress that reflects the values and aspiration of the entire school community.

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