Team teaching is founded upon the principles of collaboration, experimentation and reflection.  Teaming across grade levels and content areas allows teachers to collaborate on lesson planning, content presentation, assessment design and student support. Shared engagement enables instructional innovation while collective evaluation identifies particularly effective strategies to support improved student outcomes.  Effective team teaching requires thorough preparation, clear communication and robust professional support. CASDA’s Curriculum and Instruction experts possess a wealth of insight drawn from years of diverse classroom experience and are fully capable of assisting schools looking to utilize Team Teaching to better serve the needs of students.


CASDA faculty members meet with administrators and teacher leaders to discuss instructional practices and establish a SMART goal framework to effectively integrate Team Teaching. This process often includes:

  • Seminar presentation of core Team Teaching concepts.

  • Strategies for focused collaborative lesson planning.

  • Utilizing and balancing different approaches to content presentation.

  • Collaborative assessment design.

  • Modeling constructive evaluation and critique of instructional methods.

  • Cultivating a supportive professional environment.




Teaming empowers educators to experiment, develop and grow in service of identifying powerful strategies for engaging students. The supportive culture that Team Teaching engenders is both a cornerstone of progressive Professional Learning Communities and a potent generator of sustainable improvement in student achievement.  


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