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Virtual Series


Adaptive Leadership for Challenging Times

This workshop series for educational leaders at all levels of K-12 schools will explore the strategies adaptive leaders deploy to address complex challenges. Participants will engage in studies, examine research and apply adaptive leadership theory.


SEL Through a Student Lens: Empowerment, Engagement and Agency

Drawing from the latest research on student empowerment and the impact of caring, trauma-responsive adult relationships on student well-being and agency, this virtual series will explore with participants SEL through a student lens.


What's On Our Minds? A Space for Every Educator

The third year of this free virtual series will focus on the book, “Trauma-Responsive Schooling - Centering Student Voice and Healing” and supporting research as a guide. This five session workshop series will examine a case study involving a multi- year research project involving two elementary schools in rural Maine. Participants will explore how student-centered trauma-informed practices support individual healing and can lead to organizational transformation. Further, participants will reflect on how current trauma-focused practices in their schools can incorporate student-centered trauma-informed practices.

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