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Supporting Students in Finding Their Unique Voice: An Activity for Any 7-12 Teacher
A new virtual workshop

January 23, 2024


4-5 p.m.

1 hour CTLE


Facilitator: Dr. Michael M. Piccirillo, CASDA Executive Director

Young adults often struggle with finding their voice, discovering their why, choosing a future path. They may feel the need to "trade pieces of themselves" to fit in socially, to find success academically, to navigate systemic inequities. This workshop will provide participants with a sample lesson they can use to assist their students in recognizing their individual diversity as a strength to build on and the place to begin expressing their unique voice.


Join CASDA Executive Director, Dr. Michael Piccirillo for a one-hour virtual workshop centered on an activity any teacher can use to support their young adult students. Dr. Piccirillo will share a model activity he developed for a workshop with high school students and lead a discussion about the importance of empowering our students to find voice and agency. Participants will have an opportunity to share activities they have used to amplify student voice through self-awareness and will walk away with an activity they can modify for their use.

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