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Cap, Gown and Ballot: Student Voter Registration Workshop

May 16, 2024
4-5 p.m.
1 CTLE credit
The Civics Center in partnership with UAlbany School of Education and CASDA

Four million Americans graduate from high school every spring, and virtually all of them are old enough to register to vote before they step into their futures. Graduation is an especially critical opportunity for the 40% of seniors who will not go to college, where many assume voter registration will occur. High school voter registration is the most equitable, high-impact, and realistic path we have to universal voter registration and, from there, universal voting. 


Join the Civics Center for a free workshop that will give you the knowledge, skills, and resources to set up a Cap, Gown, and Ballot student voter registration event at your school! 

Register with Civics Center for the webinar here (no CTLE)

To learn more about the importance of student voters, listen to our CASDA EdCast Episode: Maximizing Youth Voter Turnout with Laura Brill and Dr. Brett Levy

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