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CASDA's Mission

Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents and mutually benefitting from a long-term partnership with the UAlbany School of Education, CASDA is uniquely positioned to bring research to practice through a customized embedded professional learning approach. CASDA helps school districts improve operations, achieve efficiency and facilitate effective professional learning. 

As Upstate New York's Premier Educational Technical Assistance Center, CASDA has engaged educators and their schools in addressing challenges, embracing opportunities, and creating positive, lasting outcomes for students for more than 74 years. Ensuring every child has an equal chance for success requires understanding the unique challenges and barriers they may face and providing supports to help them overcome those barriers. Making sure students have what they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond is a priority for CASDA.

CASDA primarily works directly in school districts, executing 90 to 100 customized projects a year. We aim to identify solutions for your district’s unique challenges by collaborating with leadership teams to develop a scope of work that leverages the vast expertise of CASDA’s faculty and staff.

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