Leadership Coaching Services

CASDA’s coaching services are customized to meet the needs of school leaders. We believe that leadership coaching is a valuable form of embedded professional development.

CASDA’s Coaching and Mentoring service is customized to the needs of individual school leaders. Faculty experts meet with new principals to discuss the challenges of leadership and share relevant experiences and effective strategies. These one-on-one meetings encourage frankness and allow space for honest reflection of a leader’s strengths and weaknesses. Coaching and mentoring can support administrators as they develop their skills in areas such as:


  • Working with Instructional Leaders.

  • Facilitating the development of a building-wide professional learning community.

  • Understanding the nuances of legal mandates and reporting obligations.

  • Increasing school presence in the community and parent/guardian engagement.

  • Delegating responsibilities efficiently.

  • Cultivating a professional culture of transparency and accountability.

Coaching is based on the PSEL and customized to align with the goals and values of your districts, schools and individuals.



Coaching and Mentoring supports new administrators as they confront the many challenges of school leadership. Through reflection, analysis and honest discussion, leaders come to better understand the demands of administration and grow into effective, reliable stewards of their school communities.

Contact CASDA Executive Director Michael Piccirillo, Ed.D, at mpiccirillo@casdany.org to get started!