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Customizable Technical Assistance and
In-Service Professional Development

CASDA is proud to continue to provide member districts with customized solutions to meet their needs. Additionally, in an effort to reduce costs and create flexibility, we will utilize virtual communication when appropriate. ​

For more than 70 years CASDA’s Technical Assistance Services have been the cornerstone of our work in schools and central to our mission of supporting the educators and students in our region. Our educational consultant’s vast classroom and leadership experience drives our work while a close partnership with the UAlbany School of Education offers access to rigorous scholarship and emerging research. We recognize that each district is unique and customize our work to reflect schools’ needs, resources and priorities. Our commitment to service and attention to detail ensures our work aligns with your district’s mission and vision and offers meaningful support to the teachers, leaders and students in your community.


The services listed on our website are not exhaustive by any means. CASDA is able to customize plans that meet your school and district's unique needs, no matter how small or large. Contact us today at 518.442.5054 or to leverage our experience to meet your goals!

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