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CASDA's Focus on Equity

At CASDA, we believe that equity needs to be front and center in our work in every school district.

Through our partnerships with Common Thread Consulting and the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education, we offer a comprehensive approach to addressing implicit bias at the individual and systems levels. Educators need to value and embrace their students’ diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds as a cornerstone of effective instruction. This requires honestly examining our own beliefs and training to develop curriculum that meets the needs of all students. CASDA is ready, able and dedicated to supporting your district’s work ensuring all of your students experience culturally responsive curriculum and instruction as we prepare them for their futures.

CASDA regularly produces Research Briefs centered around equity issues that offer concise distillations of educational research drawn from our work in the field and peer-reviewed publications. They aim to provide the practitioner with clear, focused material that will help serve the needs of students. Through these Research Briefs, CASDA presents to the practitioner common findings and questions for consideration. Our hope is practitioners will find the information helpful, engaging and user-friendly. CASDA's in-house research briefs include:

CASDA's Podcasts often explore equity issues with area educators and experts in the field. A few examples include:

Learn more about how CASDA can help foster and guide the equity work in your district. Contact CASDA Executive Director Timothy Backus at today!

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