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Long Range Planning for Student Success

A NYSSBA/CASDA Partnership Service

Building schools of tomorrow and improving student outcomes in the face of complex challenges requires strategic thinking, tactical planning and systemic implementation. To assist in this endeavor, the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) and the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) have partnered to provide services to help your district develop a long range plan focused on student success.

  • Long range planning is a collaborative process that begins with understanding the fundamental mission of the district and articulating a vision for success.

  • One of the main governance responsibilities of the school board is to set the strategic direction for the district with input from the school and greater community.

  • Effective use of data is an essential part of the planning process that helps focus efforts on the critical needs of the district and defining high-priority outcomes.

  • Create vertical and horizontal goal alignment from the classroom to the district level through SMART goals and action plans.

  • Develop an accountability system based on developing and monitoring a loop of continuous feedback.

NYSSBA & CASDA can work with your district and develop a school improvement process that fits your needs. Contact CASDA Executive Director Michael Piccirillo, Ed.D, at to get started!

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