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Staff Training

Training for your district's bus drivers, teaching assistants, aides, monitors and paraprofessionals.


Often their first point of contact and on the front lines in a student's connection between home and school, your district's bus drivers, teaching assistants, aides, monitors and paraprofessionals are critically important in establishing students' sense of physical and emotional safety. As such, these employees would greatly benefit from training in equity, restorative practices, social-emotional learning, relationship building and trauma-informed education. 


CASDA’s unique and effective approach to training for these key personnel involves interactive sessions combining the use of research-based content, case study analysis and situational scenarios. We work with large groups, small groups and individuals to provide learning experiences that train participants to immediately apply new skills in the context of broader change efforts based on your district’s goals. Our training will help foster the vital role your non-instructional staff members play in the well-being of your student population as well as the overall strength of your school community.

Contact CASDA Executive Director Michael Piccirillo, Ed.D, at to learn more!

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