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Friends of Education Awards

CASDA's Annual Awards and Friends of Education Dinner will be held April 25, 2024 at Century House in Latham, NY


Strong school communities also benefit immeasurably from the contributions of staff members, community members and parents who support your schools and offer opportunities for enrichment beyond the classroom. To acknowledge the important work of these individuals, CASDA established the Friends of Education Award to recognize individuals whose selfless dedication supports and sustains the school community.


In the past, awards have been given to individuals in recognition of the wide array contributions they have made to their school, students and community. Recipients have included an individual who organized food backpack programs to address student hunger, dedicated volunteers involved with after school reading programs and a facilities director who worked with students to implement gender neutral bathrooms, to describe a few. While these efforts may not be reported on a state school report card, they enrich the lives of students and reflect education’s highest ideals.

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