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Leverage Our Expertise to Meet Your Goals

The Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) has more than 74 years of experience engaging educators and their schools in addressing challenges, embracing opportunities and creating positive, lasting outcomes for children.

CASDA Technical Assistance and In-Service Professional Development

Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents and mutually benefitting from a long-term partnership with the UAlbany School of Education, CASDA is uniquely positioned to bring research to practice through a customized embedded professional learning approach. CASDA helps school districts improve operations, achieve efficiency and facilitate effective professional learning. We aim to identify solutions for your district’s unique challenges by collaborating with your leadership team to develop a scope of work that leverages the vast expertise of CASDA’s faculty. Our approach involves accessing a deep base of research through our partnerships with the UAlbany School of Education and Hanover Research, analysis of district data in collaboration with district staff, and the development of viable options for consideration by district leadership.

Join us in celebrating this year's class of outstanding students, chosen by their schools on the basis of academic achievements, community service and leadership to their schools or communities, or other unique accomplishments. Each nominated student then selects a teacher who has had a significant influence on their education. Congratulations to all!

2024 Student Students and Teachers
Who Make a Difference Recipients


What Our Member Districts Are Saying

"Our faculty and administrators in New Lebanon have come to rely on CASDA's ability to anticipate our needs by analyzing demographic trends. Our staff members consistently report that CASDA trainers are thoroughly knowledgeable and that information is presented in a format that allows immediate application in our classrooms. Moreover, when we have asked for custom trainings, the CASDA staff truly listen to our explanation of needs, providing us with workshops that have helped us to move forward with district initiatives."


"CASDA has always been a reliable and dependable source that I could count on to address virtually any need that we may have in our district. CASDA has the expertise, experience, and capacity to customize professional development, training, or simply to gather information that helps steer us in the right direction."


"CASDA has a stellar reputation for their quality of work and collaboration on a wide range of issues schools grapple with. CASDA’s ability to provide needed technical assistance and support to address specific district needs is a critical part of our regional support system for school districts, educators and our key staff.  The resources they provide to members are top notch. The training opportunities CASDA offers go far to ensure that school administrators will not only grow in their roles, but will become trusted leaders in education."


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