35th Annual Capital Region Scholars Recognition Recipients

2021 Scholars Recognition Recipients

Academy of the Holy Names

Megan Bell Megan Bell is an academic scholar and student athlete. She is a National Merit Finalist as well as a member of the varsity soccer, track, and cross country teams. Megan's leadership abilities are evident as President of the National Honor Society. She is also active in Peer Leaders and the Junior Ladies of Charity community service organization. With outstanding abilities in math and science she will study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rochester next fall. ____________________________________________________________________________ Carlo Cherubino Mr. Cherubino has had a big impact on me. Not only has he been a wonderful Spanish teacher, but he is also a great track coach. He always pushes me to work my hardest and has helped me pursue running in college. I am so grateful for all his help and advice over the years.

Schalmont CSD

Griffin Galvin I am Valedictorian and Student Council President (2021). I have participated in Masterminds as Varsity Team Captain (2019-20), Environmental Club Co-President (2019-21), Class of 2021 Treasurer (2017-20), Exec Board President (2021-21), Yale Model UN (2017-18) while taking honors classes, some SUPA courses and maintaining a 98.9 average. I am also in our Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. I anticipate receiving a NYS Regents Diploma with Advance Designation & Honors in Math and Science. ____________________________________________________________________________ Steven Gibbs Mr. Gibbs was fantastic teacher who made me realize my love for history. He was also the best Student Council advisor possible.

North Colonie CSD

Alvira Tyagi Alvira is one of the best and most involved students I have had the pleasure of working with in my almost ten-year career. Her resume is a mile long and is decorated with awards and honors. Some highlights include President and founder of Teens for Refugees Club, which was featured on various news networks for her outstanding outreach both locally, and globally, Treasurer of the class of 2021 where her main goal has been to raise funds for school events, ensuring all students can participate. President of the Shaker Speech and Debate Club, avid member of our girls’ varsity field hockey team, and Treasurer of the Science Olympiad Club where she has won numerous awards for her involvement in various competitions. Alvira is a well-rounded, compassionate, and genuine young woman; who is destined to do great things! ____________________________________________________________________________ Sara Detmer When I think of Madame Detmer, the first quality that comes to mind is her utter kindness towards students, colleagues, and every individual she comes into contact with. It is through Madame's sheer passion, thoughtfulness, and dedication that I have developed a more nuanced understanding of what it truly means to improve the lives of those surrounding you. I will forever be grateful for the endless support and encouragement she has given me over the course of my high school career.

Niskayuna CSD

Enana Jacob Enana Jacob's leadership qualities have been evident from the start of her high school career. Passionate about seeking justice for all students, Enana worked tirelessly as Class President to create a more inclusive school culture. By securing Ramadan accommodations for prom and lowering the cost of tickets she sought ways to open access for all students. As a National Merit Commended Scholar, Enana is a top student who hopes to pursue a career in neuroscience. ____________________________________________________________________________ Christopher Jennings Mr. Jennings encouraged me to be curious about the topics we studied, and gave me the confidence to go beyond what we learned in the classroom.

Niskayuna CSD

Kevin Kwon Kevin's ability to maintain stellar grades alongside his commitment to 4 years of Varsity swimming, Empire State Youth Orchestra, Science Olympiad NY State Competition, Editor of the school newspaper and peer tutoring, are evidence of his seriousness and dedication. This highly motivated and gifted student has received accolades as a National Merit Semi-Finalist, Scholar Athlete and AP Scholar over the course of 4 years. Kevin's curiosity in the sciences have help shape his hopes to study medicine. ____________________________________________________________________________ Meagan Hughes Mrs. Hughes is an awesome teacher and mentor who promotes individual accountability and fun classroom antics. Her greatest lesson? "Everything in Chemistry is a Lie."

Ichabod Crane CSD

Austin Zlomek Austin is a remarkable young man. He is well respected by his fellow classmates and the ICC faculty. Austin has dedicated his time to various sports, clubs and community service activities. He is a natural born leader amongst his peers. His commitment to his school and community and his positive personality have influenced those he has come in contact with inside and outside of school. Austin is a motivated, perceptive, responsible and passionate individual. ____________________________________________________________________________ Cole Moon Mr. Moon has continuously guided my learning and supported all my endeavors while being a positive role model and making my high school experience enjoyable.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD

Cedric Sirianni Cedric Sirianni is an ambitious, talented, respectful, hardworking, and driven young man. He is confident yet humble; kind and compassionate; fun loving and community-minded. Cedric has participated in numerous activities including clubs, sports, and honor societies. He is comfortable in a leadership role and is well respected by adults and peers, alike. Cedric has demonstrated exceptional abilities and has distinguished himself in our community as a tremendous student and person of excellent character and integrity. ____________________________________________________________________________ David Besozzi Mr. Besozzi’s classes felt like watching a theatrical performance. He challenged me and inspired me to start teaching others. I’m so thankful for him.

Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville CSD

Jesse Watson Jesse is a well-accomplished student. He is a leader and an officer in our Music program. Jesse also assists with organizing the drumline and writing music for it. He is an active member of FFA and last year he was the vice president. Jesse's community service activities for FFA include working at a chicken barbeque and delivering fruit donations to essential workers this year and to people in need last year. ____________________________________________________________________________ DiAnne Mott Of all of my teachers, Mrs. Mott has had the largest influence in my education, as she taught valuable life lessons in conjunction with music.

Corinth CSD

Sophia Granger Sophia Granger is a young woman who shines brightly in her graduating class. Beyond her exemplary academic record and accolades, she is reliable and kind. She has grown from a young 8th grade student who was unsure of many things into a very self assured senior who is ready for life’s next challenges. She is one of few students who intends to take on a world much larger than Corinth with confidence and poise. ____________________________________________________________________________ Christina Taylor Mrs. Taylor’s class is consistently engaging and boundary pushing, in the best possible way! She always pushes us to look at the world from a variety of perspectives.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD

Haileigh Deming Intelligent, driven, passionate, hardworking, enthusiastic, kind. These are the words that come to mind when you think about Haileigh Deming. Haileigh has impressed her peers and teachers with an exuberant spirit, an incredible work ethic, and an enormous capacity for learning. She is well-rounded, excels in all academic areas and is an exceptional member of our student body. Haileigh is a young woman of integrity who has demonstrated through words and actions the quality of her character. ____________________________________________________________________________ Nicole Passante Mrs. Passante has taught me to overcome life’s challenges. Not only is she a great teacher, she is motivational, passionate, and enthusiastic.

North Warren CSD

Kaitlyn Kramar “Active, Engaged, Independent and Leadership-Oriented,” are all words that only begin to describe Kaitlyn Kramar! Katie plays a vital role in every activity she participates in. Her leadership is felt in the varsity sports she plays and in each of the student and school activities she participates in. Her Community Service is noteworthy, both in school and in the community. Our North Warren culture benefits greatly from the contribution of this hardworking and determined individual. ____________________________________________________________________________ Denice Whipple Mrs. Whipple has always seen my potential and pushed me to become the great student I am. Also, she’s supportive, affable, reliable, and encouraging.

Greenville CSD

Emily Duncan Emily Duncan is a role model to her peers, she is brilliant, compassionate and driven. She is currently the Valedictorian and is maintaining a 101 cumulative grade point average in the most rigorous courses. She is Vice President of her class, a member of the National Honor Society, Secretary of Student Council and an active member of our FFA Chapter. She is also a talented musician and was a member of the varsity basketball team. ____________________________________________________________________________ Kelsey Mayo Ms. Mayo has inspired Emily and the rest of GCS because she is enthusiastic, driven, and always willing to learn with her students.

Waterford-Halfmoon Union Free School District

MacKenzie Fletcher MacKenzie has maintained an overall average of 99.37% and is ranked 1st in her class. She is an extremely hardworking and responsible student. MacKenzie’s involvement in extracurricular activities is vast and varied. She is an athlete, an artist and a leader. She is a member of the varsity tennis and bowling teams. She sings in the chorus and participates in Drama club. MacKenzie also is a member of the National Honor Society, Side Kicks and Student Government. She has been elected as president of her class for the past 3 years. She is a true leader in her school. ____________________________________________________________________________ Julie Jorgensen Ms. Jorgensen has not only inspired me to follow my dreams but has encouraged me to be successful, driven, and confident in everything I do.

Broadalbin-Perth CSD

Kelsey Hinderliter As Broadalbin-Perth’s valedictorian, Kelsey is an ambitious, confident, respectful and hardworking student. She is committed to her high-achieving academics but also to her extracurricular activities. She significantly influenced our student culture to help students value their education and each other through her leadership roles within sports, clubs and activities. Kelsey is an avid pianist, was a member of the varsity volleyball team and member of various clubs such as; Research, Spanish, Masterminds, Key Club and SADD. ____________________________________________________________________________ Kristina Marshall Mrs. Marshall has profoundly affected my high school experience. She is kind, accepting and always encourages me to follow my heart and pursue my dreams.

Fort Plain CSD

Seth Wintermute Seth is an outstanding student who will be attending Syracuse University in the fall. A recipient of Syracuse's Leadership Scholar's Award, Seth will be studying Political Philosophy and Political Science. While a student at Fort Plain, Seth participated in Track and Field and Cross Country, and held leadership roles on both teams. Seth received the Rensselaer Medal, The Julia Innella Memorial Award, and the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. ____________________________________________________________________________ Patti Jarabek Mrs. Jarabek has been teaching Spanish for the Fort Plain Central School District for 29 years, influencing the lives of hundreds of students. Seth chose to recognize Mrs. Jarabek as the teacher that has had the most significant influence on his education because, in his words, "her class and guidance has helped me immensely through my career in high school and I would like the opportunity to thank her for that."

Queensbury UFSD

Kasandra Webb Kasi is intrinsically motivated and has a passion to help others, be involved and challenge herself academically. She is Vice President of the National Honor Society and President of the Yearbook Club. Her love for graphic design led to taking an independent study advanced video productions course at school, as well as a college level internship at a local graphic design company. She is a three sport athlete and will pursue her studies in graphic design. ____________________________________________________________________________ Sally Vartuli Mrs. Vartuli supports and encourages her students to succeed in reaching their goals. The reason I am pursuing my career is because of her classes.

Lake George CSD

Demeter Burns Deme is an effective and innovative leader and served as Student Council president for two years. Additionally, she helped found a Student Mental Health Task Force and participated in the HOBY and RYLA regional leadership programs. Deme volunteers as a leader in our student-to-student mentoring program, Rock Solid. Academically, she sits at the top of her class and has completed a three-year independent research experience through SUNY Albany. Deme is pursuing a career in medicine. ____________________________________________________________________________ Audrey VanVlack Mrs. VanVlack truly makes learning feel effortless while maintaining college level rigor. She is genuine, authentic, and connects her lessons to life beyond the classroom.

Shenendehowa CSD

Emi Grady-Willis Thoughtful, meticulous, shockingly bright and insightful, curious, compassionate, and deep, Emi Grady-Willis is one of the best students I’ve ever taught. She’s my role model. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jenna Kitchen Ms. Kitchen's passions for literature and teaching, combined with her collaborative class environment, have pushed me to mature as both a writer and critical thinker.

Shenendehowa CSD

Yicheng Huang Yicheng Huang is a curious, determined young man who has a love for technology and understanding how it works. His passion for excellence is noteworthy. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chris Hanley Mr. Hanley has made the highly technical subject of Computer Science approachable through fun, engaging projects. In fact, his class is a major reason why I intend on majoring in this interesting subject in college.

Shenendehowa CSD

Rachel Utama Rachel’s qualities make her a vibrant and exceptional force for positive change in the world. ____________________________________________________________________________ Anne Moore Mrs. Moore always goes the extra mile in pointing out the bigger picture, offering nuance, and challenging us to always pursue and apply our knowledge.

Queensbury UFSD

Mia D'Angelico Mia has been a remarkable student at QHS and ranks in the top 20th percentile of her graduating class. She has been actively involved in extracurricular activities, having lettered in Varsity Golf since her Freshman year and most notably serving as a team Captain for the past two seasons. She has selflessly donated hundreds of hours to the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Mia will attend Clarkson University in the fall of 2022. ____________________________________________________________________________ John Andrejkovics Mr. Andrejkovics is the teacher I turn to when I need help with anything. Because of his class, I found my love for history.

Bethlehem CSD

Justin Dong Justin Dong is simply a remarkable person. He is graduating a full year early. He received a perfect score of 1,600 on the SAT's even though he took the exam as a sophomore, a year earlier than most students. Justin would best be described as a curious, diligent, open minded and adaptive student. He is excited to continue his studies in mathematical methods in the social sciences and computer science at Northwestern University. ____________________________________________________________________________ Rachel Linehan Ms. Linehan inspired me to explore my interest in computer science through her intuitive teaching style, exciting classroom environment, and encouragement of collaboration and problem-solving. I'm very grateful for the skills and knowledge that she's taught me.

Bethlehem CSD

Aijah Garcia Aijah is a gifted academic student who will graduate from BCHS having completed 36 college credits! She has a radiant smile and treats others with respect and kindness. Aijah looks forward to continuing her studies in computer science and applied math at Brown University. ____________________________________________________________________________ Rachel Linehan I have had Ms. Linehan as a teacher for two years, and she has never failed to encourage my involvement and interest in computer science. She is a great inspiration and has always pushed me to act on my curiosity, which I truly appreciate.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls

Sky Whitfield I have been at Albany Leadership for 3 years. The teachers help me a lot when I need them. I have played Basketball and Track here at the school and it helps me stay in shape and remain focused. ____________________________________________________________________________ Dennis Shields Since I have been in school, Mr. Shields has been there for me and has helped me get around. He has opened me up to new opportunities and has motivated me to get my work done. I want to thank him for his support and guidance.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls

Ahlam Almedaani Ahlam is an exceptional student with a bright future ahead of her. She was born Syria and came to the U.S. in 2016. Her favorite subjects are English Language Arts and Spanish. She likes being in school because she’s able to develop relationships with teachers and students. Ahlam also enjoys being active in the school community, participating in the Chess Club and the Muslim Student Association. She is very excited to start her college journey. ____________________________________________________________________________ Sharifa Din Ms. Sharifa has been teaching for about 28 years. She loves her job because of the students she gets to work with. They inspire her each and every day and continues to be amazed by their bravery and beauty. The spirit and determination of her students remind her of what life is truly about.

Columbia High School

Katharine Asenbauer Katie has a presence that lets you know you can immediately trust in her. As a leader of many clubs and activities, she has made lifelong friends that have taught her to have confidence in herself. It has been a pleasure to watch Katie develop from a shy student to a braver young woman. She will be an asset to her new campus and community just as she has been here. ____________________________________________________________________________ Meagan Asenbauer Not only is she an amazing teacher who embraces and encourages love in her classroom, she’s also the best mom I could ever ask for.

Rensselaer CSD

Emma Endres I am a new visions student for the Pathways in Education program at the UAlbany campus who also attends Rensselaer High. I have an internship shadowing a third grade class in my school. Mrs. Tolan has had a huge impact on my education because she has been supportive, and helpful in my senior year. She has listened and taught me everything I know about education. Covid has brought challenges, but she has been there everyday! ____________________________________________________________________________ Tara Tolan My name is Tara Tolan. I am a teacher at the New Visions "Pathways for Education."The program is in its second year and I love it!

Greenwich CSD

Sophia Traver The world needs more people like Sophia Traver. Her accomplishments and achievements are vast. Her character is nearly flawless and few match her approach to it all. Her transcript is adorned with a sea of 90s while including higher-level math and sciences since grade 8, and six of our eight offered AP classes. She is one of our strongest math and science students, an invaluable member of our art and music programs and an athlete. All this said I feel that Sophia’s brightest gold star is Sophia herself. She is a leader, and the kind of leader that may not get the credit they deserve. She quietly leads by example in her diligence and sincerity. She is poised and thoughtful. Her maturity is contagious to those around her and her presence is grounding. Sophia has made our school a better place for having been a part of it. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michael Sgambelluri Mr. S always works hard to prepare his students for both AP tests and for life after high school while also helping to keep perspective.

New Lebanon CSD

Jaden Tompkins Jaden Tompkins is the Valedictorian of his class at New Lebanon JRSR High School. He has participated on the Varsity Volleyball and Archery teams, as well as the Tech Club, Future Cities, and All County Senior and Jazz Choirs. Jaden attended the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar, in addition to a leadership seminar at the College of Saint Rose. Jaden will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall to major in engineering. ____________________________________________________________________________ Glenn Giumarra Mr. Giumarra teaches in a way to help me build a deeper understanding of the subject and bring out my full potential while building interest.

Tech Valley High

Rishita Nagothi Rishita is an amazing, intelligent, hardworking and passionate young adult. We are proud of Rishita’s work with Girls Inc., Reality Check, National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies and our school’s First Robotics team. Students and staff agree, Rishita is one of the nicest and politest students in our school. Rishita plans to study Neuroscience. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jason Irwin Mr. Irwin has played a key role throughout my high school experience. He has supported me both academically and personally. Mr. Irwin provides a positive learning space where all students can feel comfortable.

Stillwater CSD

Kiersten Conroy Kiersten is Valedictorian of the class of 2021. She is a talented young woman who has shown tremendous academic and community/school accomplishments throughout her high school career. Kiersten is a member of National Honor Society, Varsity Club, Key Club, Link Crew, Yearbook Committee, Soccer, and Indoor and Outdoor Track. She has been granted numerous awards and honors, and is involved with many volunteer activities. Kiersten will major in Biomedical Sciences on the Pre-Med track at Quinnipiac University. ____________________________________________________________________________ Walter West I am nominating Mr. West as a teacher who has had a significant influence on my education. I have had him for 3 math classes, and for every class he went above and beyond to make sure his students thrived.

Troy CSD

Kayla McNall Kayla has demonstrated exceptional abilities and has distinguished herself in our school and community as an outstanding young woman. She will be graduating first in the class with a 98.71 GPA. As a senior, Kayla was accepted into the highly competitive and challenging New Visions Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) Program. She was a standout outside of the classroom as well, participating in three varsity sports and various clubs and activities. ____________________________________________________________________________ Ryan Meikle A special thanks to Ryan Meikle for helping me achieve this goal. Without him, I would have never remembered to check my email this year.

Troy CSD

Casey Poland Casey is everything that embodies a well-rounded student. She will be graduating as the Salutatorian of her class with a 98.23 GPA. Casey is determined, hard-working, and an ideal role model with a passion for learning. She plays a very active role in the school community and beyond. Outside of the classroom, you can find her on the athletic fields or involved in multiple clubs. Casey’s outgoing personality has makes her a natural leader. ____________________________________________________________________________ Caitlin Ziobrowski Caitlin Ziobrowski, my 10th grade global history teacher made learning an engaging, exciting experience and instilled in me confidence in myself and my abilities.

South Colonie CSD

Ryan Tran I participate in various clubs and activities in school. I have been in my class Executive club since freshman year, being the president for freshmen and sophomore year, and being the historian for junior and senior year. I have also been in cello ensemble and chamber orchestra. Besides those, I have participated in yearbook club and varsity tennis. In college, I plan to study physics. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michele Schrader Michelle Schrader holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer and a MAT from Union College. She has been enjoying teaching chemistry for 16 years at Colonie Central High School.

Fort Ann CSD

Elizabeth Larli Elizabeth is one of the top students in her class. She has taken advanced coursework throughout high school, including college & advanced placement courses this year. She is an active member of our school and community, participating in National Honor Society and Key Club, as well as youth ministry through her church. Elizabeth was a recipient of the 2021 Post Star Teen Excellence Award. Elizabeth plans to study Adolescence Education at SUNY Oneonta this fall. ____________________________________________________________________________ Matthew Mondella Mr. Mondella has been a social studies teacher for 14 years. "I enjoy my work and students like Elizabeth make it truly worthwhile."

Schodack CSD

Kylie Roloson Kylie is our top student and currently in the New Visions Medical Program. Kylie is a member of National Honor Society, participates in Soccer and Track, is a class officer, Co-President of Key Club and Yearbook Editor. Kylie volunteers at St. Peter’s Hospital and on the Castleton Ambulance squad. Kylie was awarded the University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, Rensselaer Medal, Clarkson Leadership Award, RIT Innovation and Creativity Award, SWE Achievement Award and YMCA Outstanding Student Award. Kylie will attend the University of Rochester in the fall. ____________________________________________________________________________ Janice Balogh Mrs. Balogh has challenged and motivated me to do my best and pursue my passions. She’s truly a phenomenal and inspiring teacher.

Argyle CSD

Jackilyn Harris Jackilyn Harris is a scholar, a friend, and a quiet leader who always gives her best.She is a three year member of the National Honor Society and New York State Science Honor Society. She was selected by her peers to serve as a Natural Helper when she was in 9th grade and has served each year..She serves her community through Young Life, and also volunteers at the Lucky Puppy rescue. ____________________________________________________________________________ Richard Myott Mr. Myott has always believed in me, encouraged me, and pushed me to succeed. I am forever grateful for his guidance and support throughout my high school career.

Averill Park CSD

Fiona Carroll Fiona Carroll is an impressive young lady. With being ranked number 2 in her class, Fiona has challenged herself academically throughout high school by pursuing a very rigorous course load. She will be earning an Advanced Regents with Honors diploma earning Mastery in Math and Science. Fiona channels her inner creativity and has pursued art throughout high school. She has dedicated her time as a member of the Honest Weight Food Coop. She has also been a Senior Counselor at the Flying Deer Nature Center since 2016 and a valued member of the New Horizons Club and her senior class. Fiona has plans on attending Wesleyan College in the fall. ____________________________________________________________________________ Marsha Gregory Mrs. Gregory's skill, passion, and thoughtfulness demonstrates what it is to love what you do. The consideration with which she instructions cannot help but inspire.

Chatham CSD

Ryan Graziano Although my academics have been my main priority for as long as I can remember, when I have free time, I enjoy playing sports such as golf, volleyball, and baseball. I am also heavily involved in music, playing the trumpet in NYSSMA All-County Band and being a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. I am also the current president of the National Honor Society at my school and pride myself on my character and work ethic in and out of the classroom. ____________________________________________________________________________ Mark Pearson Mr. Pearson is someone who has passion and enthusiasm when he teaches and I appreciate everything he has done to help me become a better speaker and student.

Averill Park CSD

Kendall Dollard Kendall Dollard is an ambitious and determined young lady. Her overall GPA of a 99.26 earned her the rank of number one in her class. She will be earning an Advanced Regents with Honors diploma earning Mastery in Math and Science designations. In addition to Kendall's stellar academic history, she is Vice President of NHS along with being Treasurer of her senior class. Kendall plans on Attending Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in the fall where she was accepted into the Upstate Accelerated Scholars' Program. ____________________________________________________________________________ Kimberly Quesnel I'm so thankful to have had Mrs. Quesnel for two years. She has a strong passion for teaching and is always so engaging and inspirational.

South Glens Falls CSD

Elonne Pisacane Elonne is the Salutatorian of the South High Class of 2021 and will attend Lafayette College for bioengineering. Ellie’s passion for volunteerism is admirable. She and her sister are co-founders of Bettering Environments Everywhere (BEE). Ellie is a member of National and Spanish Honor Societies, Girl Scouts, Key Club, Band, and a 4-year participant of the South High Marathon Dance. Ellie serves as a Facilitator for Restorative Justice and Vice President of Student Government. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jennifer Nevard-Blanco Mrs. Blanco is an inspiration because of her enthusiasm for Spanish language and culture. Her bright spirit encourages me to be my best!

South Glens Falls CSD

Qwin Pisacane Qwin is the valedictorian of the South High Class of 2021 and plans to attend Lafayette College to study bioengineering. Qwin is an active leader in our community and currently serves as a Restorative Justice Facilitator and Secretary for Student Government. Qwin is a member of National and Spanish Honor Societies, Girl Scouts, Key Club, Varsity Reading Club, Band, and a 4-year participant of the South High Marathon Dance. Her dedication and volunteerism is unmatched. ____________________________________________________________________________ Laurie Gutheil Mrs. Gutheil is an amazing teacher who has given me unending support throughout high school. She inspires me to always work hard and stay determined.

Windham-Ashland-Jewett CSD

Grace Moran Grace Moran is an empathetic, intelligent, driven, and vivacious young woman who will be an inevitable success. She possesses leadership qualities and unequivocally advocates for the underdog, ensuring that she not only understands diverse perspectives, but also works to help magnify the voices of the underserved and underprivileged. Her service to the community is admirable. Our world needs more individuals like Grace and I look forward to witnessing her positive and far reaching impact. ____________________________________________________________________________ Lara McAneny Ms. Lara Mcaneny has acted as a mentor, teacher, and friend to me for the past 6 years. I watched her support my older siblings as their high school English teacher, and as I progressed through my WAJ career, Ms. Mac took on the role of Assistant Superintendent. She never strayed from her roots as an educator, though-- Ms. Mac continued to read and edit every first, second, and fiftieth draft of poetry that I wrote for regional competitions since 8th grade. Most importantly, though, Ms. Mac nurtures her job, students, and family with empathy. I can’t wait to see the beneficial impacts she will continue to have on Windham in upcoming years.

Hartford CSD

Hannah Lawrence Hannah's a member of National Honor Society, Math League, Key Club and the volleyball and softball teams. Key Club members run the blood drive held at our school, help organize the food collection for our Holiday Helper program and participate in various other community events like bell-ringing for the Salvation Army and visiting local nursing homes. Hannah’s kindness and conscientious approach are an asset in all that she does. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chelsea Hall Ms. Hall is a fantastic teacher and pushes her students to work hard. Ms. Hall has been someone that I can go to about anything and she has always given me the best advice!

Saratoga Central Catholic School

Emily Wenke I plan on studying elementary education with a concentration in biology. I hope to pursue a masters degree in special education/literacy, as well as a certification in gifted education. Later in my career, I plan on pursuing a graduate level degree in education administration and school building leadership. My goal is to help underprivileged students receive a better education that will set them up for success later in life. ____________________________________________________________________________ Sister Susan Wieczynski, RSM, MA Educator for youth and adults for the last 50 years with the last 10 years at Saratoga Central Catholic High School.

Watervliet CSD

Morgan DelSignore Morgan is a deserving, driven young lady who consistently performs at the top of her class here at Watervliet High School. Showing excellence in all aspects of a mature, graduating senior, Morgan has taken the most rigorous courses we have to offer. Morgan exemplifies impeccable work ethic and dedication to every task she embarks on. Morgan is proactive and focused on making others better! We are very proud of Morgan. Morgan will aspire to make her family and the community proud as she continues her studies at the University at Albany. ____________________________________________________________________________ Cecilia Nicolaescu Though my year with Mrs. N as my teacher was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her passions for teaching directly influenced my own desires for success in the field of science. If it wasn’t for her care and attentiveness to each and every one of her students’ needs for learning, I probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with science nor yearned to learn more the way that I have.

Lansingburgh CSD

Paulina Sirtori Paulina Sirtori is humbly a phenomenal person who epitomizes strength, courage, and determination. In addition to her stellar academic achievement, Paulina is an exceptional Varsity basketball scholar-athlete and captain; a talented Soundwaves and Drama Club performing artist and student director; an encouraging basketball coach for younger mentees; a dedicated church volunteer; an active National Honor Society member; and a thought-provoking writer who plans to attend Syracuse University this fall for film, television, and radio public communications. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chris Rowlands Mr. Rowlands has helped me with whatever I have needed since 5th grade. He has taught me how to have confidence and to work hard.

Warrensburg CSD

Sara Langworthy Sara Langworthy is the daughter of Darren and Amy Langworthy of Warrensburg. Sara has been a three sport varsity athlete, a member of the student council and the National Honor Society. Sara will be attending the University of Rochester in the fall to study nursing. ____________________________________________________________________________ Scott Smith Coach Smith has coached me since the 7th grade in both softball and basketball. He has pushed me past my limits in sports, but has also challenged me to achieve higher academic excellence. He has been a role model and helping hand whenever I needed one and I am extremely grateful for him.

Cohoes CSD

Laraina Westcott Laraina is a very determined, highly motivated, intelligent, and hard-working young lady who is always challenging herself in the classroom. She will be graduating high school with her Advanced Regents with Honors diploma along with a Mastery in Science designation. Laraina has spent her senior year of high school taking all of her core courses at Hudson Valley Community College. She will be graduating high school with 61 college credits. ____________________________________________________________________________ Amy Frost Mrs. Frost grew a strong connection with me throughout many years, which made her influence on my education and growth as a person strong and impactful.

Voorheesville CSD

Francesca Coppolla Francesca Coppola is an outstanding student-athlete at Clayton A. Bouton High School who plans to major in biology/health studies at Siena College. She will be swimming for their Division 1 swim team as well. She has studied piano for 12 years and flute for 8 years and will continue her involvement in music in college. She is an active member of Key Club and loves to volunteer at Ronald McDonald House during her summers. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michael Stuart Mr. Stuart is a math teacher who cares about us as students and people. He encourages us to do our best.

Mayfield CSD

Lainna Salvione Lainna Salvione is The Mayfield Jr-Sr High School Class of 2021 Valedictorian and a member of the Honor Guard, with a cumulative weighted average of 99.73. She has been a key member of the Mayfield Drama Club, Yoga Club, Yearbook Club, Key Club, Recycling Club, and Paw Perfection Club all while balancing her rigorous course load throughout high school. In her free time, Lainna also enjoys art, reading, meditation, babysitting, hiking, caring for animals, and taking care of plants. She has been a recipient of Academic Excellence throughout her time at Mayfield Jr-Sr High School. Upon graduating, Lainna will be attending Tulane University in the Fall of 2021 where she is a merit scholarship recipient. ____________________________________________________________________________ Steve Matarazzo Steve Matarazzo has been a science teacher at Mayfield Junior-Senior for over 20 years. Steve currently teaches High School Chemistry, Chemistry Lab, Applied Science, and Anatomy & Physiology.

Mohonasen CSD

Mattison Muller Mattison Muller is the salutatorian of her class at Mohonasen High School. She has maintained a 4.0 average and remained on High Honor Roll for the entirety of her academic career. She has been involved in National Honor Society, as well as Math, Science, and Spanish Honor Societies. She is a multi-sport athlete and was named First Team for Varsity Soccer and Runner-Up Most Valuable Player for Varsity Softball. ____________________________________________________________________________ Robert Higgins Mr. Higgins encouraged me through both Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus. He pushed me to work harder and succeed, thus making me a significantly better student.

Northville CSD

Madeline Downing Madeline is mature beyond her years and has excelled in all of my science classes as the top student. A natural born leader, Madeline leads by lifting up others and modeling exemplary work. Her humble, personable nature makes her easy to work with. For the past two years, she has developed her own research experiment to test the effect of six months of free private piano lessons on math and reading scores. She independently fundraised enough money to donate a keyboard to each of the participants. A well rounded student, she leads many fundraisers for charity at the bakery, Happily Baked, where she has worked while maintaining her academic and musical goals. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jamie Dickinson Mrs. Dickinson inspires and encourages students to learn and do their best. She will continue to influence my research endeavors throughout my career.

Hudson City CSD

Emma Johnson Emma Johnson is a responsible, creative, intelligent and caring young woman. During my AP US History class I witnessed the tremendous growth that she achieved as both a student and as a person. she was a good student from the beginning but through the year she gained confidence in her abilities. Watching her express herself through presentations, debates, and writing was both rewarding for me as a teacher and illustrated Emma's constant desire to strive for excellence. ____________________________________________________________________________ Sally Naramore Mrs. Naramore made me realize my love for history. In her class, US History came to life and it's why I want to become a history teacher.

Greater Amsterdam CSD

David Bertuch The valedictorian of the Class of 2021 is David Bertuch. David is the son of Anne Marie and David Bertuch. David plans on attending Cornell University after graduation to pursue a degree in Computer engineering. David is a member of the National Honor Society and holds the office of Treasurer. He is also a member of the Science Honor Society and serves as President. He is Class President of the Class of 2021. ____________________________________________________________________________ Sharon Trova Mrs. Trova is someone that will work around the clock to ensure everyone is learning and well taken care of; more than just a teacher.

Greater Amsterdam CSD

Lucas Sarabia The Salutatorian of the class of 2021 is Lucas Sarabia. Lucas is the son of Traci and Robert Sarabia. Lucas plans on attending Syracuse University in the fall and will pursue a major in Physics. Lucas is a member of the National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, STEP, LPP, SHPE and the school's Drama Club. ____________________________________________________________________________ Andrea Eriksen Mrs. Eriksen has showed me how interesting physics can be. She constantly kept me engaged in class and showed me how physics affects everything in our life.

Wells CSD

Peter E. Robinson II Peter Robinson is a strong academic student that has made a positive impact on his school and the surrounding community. He is ranked within the top 5% of his graduating class and is a member of both the National Honor Society and the Business and Marketing Honor Society. He is involved in a number of extracurricular activities, including athletics and drama. He also volunteers his time to mentor and tutor students in the elementary grades. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michelle Barrows Michelle Barrows is a dedicated Special Education teacher at Wells Central School, where she has been employed for 18 years. She's also the CSE Chairperson.

Schuylerville CSD

Camilla Brown Camilla Brown holds a set of values and personal beliefs that she stays very true to. She is an advocate in every aspect of the word and will not give in because it’s easier to conform. She is absolutely respectful to those around her and pursues what she feels is right in a composed and mature manner. Camilla is a strong independent female who has served as a positive role model to our student body. ____________________________________________________________________________ Kelly McKinley I could easily confide in her because I knew her for many years, and she taught me how to become an effective and persevering leader.

Bolton CSD

Kaden Tennent Kaden is earning a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation and an Endorsement in Science. Kaden is Valedictorian of the Class of 2021. Kaden is a respectful, intelligent, inquisitive student. He is involved in chorus, band, drama, sports, and clubs. Kaden is a role model in our Pk-12 building. He looks forward to continuing his education at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jennifer Carlson Ms. Carlson’s drive to help her students succeed sets her apart from the crowd. She is a true leader and role-model in our community.

La Salle Institute

Owen Kane Owen Kane has been successful because of his hard work in the classroom, community and on the basketball court. He is an outstanding student who was recognized by La Salle for Excellence in Mathematics. He is a guiding force on the basketball team and recipient of the Richard Gilooly Memorial Leadership Award. He has served the community through Lasallian Youth, Student Senate and the National Honor Society and particularly loves mentoring younger students. Owen will attend Hamilton College where he will study economics and play basketball. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michelle Moloney Mrs. Moloney's passion and dedication to her students and the subject matter creates a true community of learning. She has made me a better student and a better person.

Wells CSD

Keara O'Rourke Keara O'Rourke is the Valedictorian for the Wells Central School Class of 2021! Her proud parents Sean & Casey O'Rourke and brother Pearce (11th grade) are extremely ecstatic for all of her accomplishments. Accomplishments for Keara include: completing the New Visions Education program through the HFM BOCES, V-President of the Wells NHS, National Technical Honor Society member, Varsity basketball, Senior band/jazz member, member of the International Club, and she is an active community member. ____________________________________________________________________________ Cynthia Richardson Mrs. Richardson has always played a major role in my educational career. She has been someone who I confide in, especially regarding my future plans.

South Glens Falls CSD

Vanessa LeBrun Vanessa is a High Honor Roll student and member of the National Technical Honor Society. She earned varsity letters in Softball and Volleyball. Participated in South Glens Falls Marathon Dance. Volunteers at her Church's spaghetti dinner. Her training in Criminal Justice Studies has provided her the opportunity to use those skills as a volunteer at the Polar Plunge, Lake George 5K, Odyssey of the Mind and Taste of the North Country. ____________________________________________________________________________ Paul Crandell Mr. Crandall makes sure his students have the necessary supports to be successful. He has made me want to strive for excellence.

South Colonie CSD

Carly Kretzler I put a lot of time and effort into my studies and I greatly value learning. I have always loved math and science, and I will be majoring in mathematics in college. I was on the school's cheerleading team for three years. I enjoy volunteering and helping out the community in my free time. I am looking forward to continuing my academic career at Binghamton University this fall. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michele Famoso Ms. Famoso teaches Regents and AP Physics, coordinates the Greater Capital Region STEM Exposition, advises the STEM Club, and is a NYS Master Teacher Emeritus.

South Colonie CSD

Marin Hawley I plan to attend Siena College in the fall, majoring in Accounting. The teacher I believe to be most influential in my high school career is Douglas Kilmer. Mr. Kilmer always pushed me to do my best and made math fun. He is part of the reason I have chosen to pursue a career in a math-related field. ____________________________________________________________________________ Douglas Kilmer Professor Kilmer has taught mathematics at Colonie High School for over 32 years. He still has enthusiasm driving to school each day to help students learn about math, smile and try to enjoy their high school day.

Cobleskill-Richmondville CSD

Joseph VanDeValk Joe is a compassionate, caring individual, and these traits shine through in whatever he is doing. This, coupled with his dedication and involvement, provides a strong foundation for a successful college career. He is member of National Honor Society, FLBA, Spanish Honor Society and also a class officer. Joe was the Captain of the Varsity Soccer Team and participated in Varsity Golf and Track and Field team. He was also active with the Schoharie County Youth Bureau's Youth as Leaders Leadership Program. Joe plans to study civil engineering at Clarkson this fall. ____________________________________________________________________________ Tracy Smith I'd like to thank Ms. Smith for her unique ability to bring excitement and enthusiasm to the math courses she teaches. It makes learning more fun for all of us.

Germantown CSD

Brittani Dauley Brittani Dauley is a graduating senior and valedictorian of Germantown High School. While at Germantown she was involved in softball and Dance. She will be attending SUNY Cortland in the fall where she will major in pre-med. ____________________________________________________________________________ Stacy Hilton Stacy Hilton, MA, MAT, CAS, has been teaching at Germantown since 2011. In that time, she has taught 7th, 9th and 10th grade English, and English 101/102 through the College in the High School program in conjunction with Columbia Greene. She serves as the co-advisor for National Honor Society, Student Council and the Class of 2026.


Alexis Baker Alexis is a member of Skills USA. She is on the high honor role. She has been an integral part of working with the three year old toddlers in her Early Childhood class. Alexis was nominated for the respect award. She was the MVP or her softball team and is a Taekwondo instructor. ____________________________________________________________________________ Shannon Bitzer Ms. Bitzer has inspired me to do my best in everything I pursue. She has made me aware of several career opportunities in Early Childhood.

Germantown CSD

Riley Gibbons Riley Gibbons is a graduating senior and salutatorian at Germantown High School. While at Germantown she was involved extensively in music and sports. Riley will be attending SUNY New Paltz in the fall and will study as an undecided major. ____________________________________________________________________________ Karen Katz Karen Katz has been teaching English 11, English 12, journalism, and both AP Literature and Language for seventeen years at Germantown CSD. She was first inspired to teach by her father, an enthusiastic lover of language and storytelling, who taught English for thirty years on Long Island. Her own English teachers demonstrated that great teaching involves love of content and craft, yes, but also appreciation for the learner’s process. In her own teaching, Ms. Katz finds herself as full of curiosity and wonder as she was in the first year, and she credits that ongoing excitement to her students. She’s gained the nickname “Mama Katz” from her genuine affection for her students’ foibles, humor, and humanity. She is also (and foremost) a proud mother of two wonderful, teenaged sons; a spouse; a devout reader; a lover of language and writing; a bit of a movie fanatic; and someone who appreciates both the beauty and occasional absurdity of life.

Germantown CSD

Megan Dunn Megan Dunn is a Germantown High School senior. During her time here at Germantown she was a three sport athlete, playing soccer, softball, and basketball. She will be attending Seaton Hall in the fall and plans to get a degree as a physician assistant. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jeanne Oliveira Growing up there were three things I wanted to be – 1) soldier, 2) teacher, and 3) princess (not necessarily in that order.) I was a soldier for four years and have been teaching for 25. My husband treats me like a queen so, mission accomplished. I taught middle school for six years and then moved to high school - absolutely the best move for me personally – God bless middle school teachers. I love math. I love teaching. I love the students. I love the wonderful colleagues, administrators, staff and parents I have been honored to meet and work with over the years. Now that my two wonderful children are grown and independent, I have more time to devote to teaching and the result has been an amazing renewal in the joy and inspiration that comes from teaching. I believe I have learned more in the last ten years of my career than I did in the first fifteen. It just goes to show you are never too old to learn, adapt, encourage and inspire.

Coxsackie-Athens CSD

Aidan Scarpinati As Coxsackie-Athens High School’s Valedictorian, Aidan Scarpinati is graduating with his Advanced Regents Diploma and a Mastery in Science. He has challenged himself in many accelerated, honors, college, Advanced Placement, and summer courses to earn an overall unweighted grade point average of 97.84%. Aidan is a three-season athlete participating on the soccer, wrestling and track teams all throughout high school. He has been active in National Honor Society, Varsity Club, Hope Club, Outdoors Club, and Prom Committee. He has worked at two local restaurants and in construction and has volunteered at Relay for Life and a local horse rescue farm. Aidan will be attending Northeastern University in the fall and wants to enter the engineering field as a data analytics engineer. ____________________________________________________________________________ Rocco Pietrofesa Mr. P always has given me great advice whether it be with problems in or out of school. He has been able to help me with more than just the work in his class. We can always joke around with him, while still getting our work done.

Loudonville Christian School

Julianna Jebaraj Julianna is a creative, hardworking, and talented woman. She has challenged herself academically throughout high school by taking on a rigorous course load and earning several college credits, as well as conducting science research at her local hospital and working at various health centers. She is involved in her community by acting as the academic prefect in her school and the worship leader in her church. She possesses great character, and shows kindness to others. ____________________________________________________________________________ Jennifer Winne Jen Winne has inspired Julianna to pursue further studies in Microbiology, and to eventually go into the medical field.

Salem CSD

Keenan Fronhofer Keenan Fronhofer will graduate as this year's Valedictorian of the Salem class of 2021. Keenan has accomplished so much in her time as a student; she has maintained excellent grades throughout school, has earned numerous honors and awards for her academic accomplishments, has excelled in athletics and music, and has served as a mentor and role model to younger students. Keenan is the daughter of Socrates and Karen Fronhofer and has plans to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering. ____________________________________________________________________________ Anna Courtney Ms. Courtney has been teaching for thirteen years as a high school English teacher. She majored in English, with a Masters in Literacy. Ms. Courtney is a devoted teacher who believes that education is vital to life. She believes in the power and beauty of words and language, and that we can learn to understand the world and people around us through literature.

Cairo-Durham CSD

Drew Sirago I have known Drew for three years, first as a player on the boys Varsity Tennis Team, and last year as a student in my Advanced Placement US Government and Politics class. As a student in my class, Drew had a 100 average, almost perfect attendance, behavior, class participation, and demonstrated the utmost respect for me and his peers. He turned in excellent analytical writing based on college level political science reading excerpts, always infusing his responses with topical connections to political current events, as well as connecting to past events in US History. Drew impressed everyone with a polling and socialization project by including various demographic groups that resided out of our local area and including personal connections to his own process of developing his political ideology and the factors that influenced him. Drew goes above and beyond in his research, note taking, and initiative to discuss politics and inquire about relevant topics and issues connected to what we are exploring. On occasion, I thought I might be the student and Drew the teacher because he would correct me or add something I wasn’t familiar with about political science jargon or something more obscure that related to the class. ____________________________________________________________________________ Bryan Pisano As my AP Government teacher and tennis coach, Mr. Pisano has taught me to think critically, both in the classroom and on the court. He has helped me grow not only as a student, but also as a person. If I ever have a problem at school or at home, I know I can always turn to him for advice. I could not have asked for a greater mentor in my life than Mr. Pisano.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo CSD

Quinn Toomey Quinn is a natural leader in and outside of the classroom. He is at the top of his class academically and has a positive attitude every day in school. He is kind and helpful to any student who is in need. Quinn commits fully to his academics, athletics and his community. Quinn will have a positive and influential impact on the people surrounding him in the next chapter of his life. ____________________________________________________________________________ Brian McCoy Mr. McCoy has been my teacher and coach for years. Throughout this time he has gotten me to see the world through a different lense.

Guilderland CSD

Irene Montanini Irene is an outstanding student who has a genuine love of learning. Whether it is taking two languages concurrently or balancing numerous activities, she consistently goes above and beyond. Irene has an adventurous spirit and has traveled extensively. She embraces different cultures and strives to expand upon her views of the world. This open-mindedness is evident at the high school by her sensitivity to others’ differences and her level of respect towards her peers. ____________________________________________________________________________ Teresa Wood-Irvin Sra. Wood-Irvin has fostered my love for Spanish and taught me to broaden my horizons. I will always cherish the memories I share with her.

Hoosick Falls CSD

Ashley Pacheco It is truly rare to encounter a person as empathetic, intelligent and hardworking as Ashley Pacheco. Ashley has the highest overall average in our senior class and is taking an extremely rigorous course load. On a regular basis Ashley acts as a caregiver for her younger sister. A great undertaking and admirable commitment for someone her age. When Ashley was asked what she is most proud of she easily says her younger sister. ____________________________________________________________________________ Tim Ossont Mr. Ossont not only inspires students, but also creates a safe space for students to explore mathematics without fear of failure.

Guilderland CSD

Stella Trickett Stella Trickett is bright, inquisitive and kind. She has taken the most challenging classes we offer and excelled. She is also a committed pianist. She swims competitively both for Guilderland and a club team. Stella volunteers in multiple venues. Additionally, she has been working on independent medical research projects for the past two years, first comparing eastern and western medicine then later analyzing pandemics. Stella looks for every opportunity to broaden and deepen her knowledge. ____________________________________________________________________________ Melissan Gergen Mrs. Gergen has been my go-to source of advice and support for the past two years. I am forever grateful for her.

Indian Lake CSD

Aiden Atwee Aiden is incredibly bright, articulate, mature, honest, kind and independent. He may seem quiet and reserved upon first meeting him. But as you get to know Aiden you will see he is fun, quick witted, caring and a deep thinker and a planner-certainly not impulsive or irrational. Through the years I have watched Aiden turn from a shy elementary kid to a confident and well spoken young man. Aiden is a good role model through his actions, not necessarily by talking the most or by being the loudest. He stands up for what he believes is right, while never being rude or disrespectful. He is the type of student that comes to school each and every day ready to work. He is one of the most polite and respectful kids I have ever met. He doesn’t complain and never gets in any trouble. Aiden exemplifies all the ideals of an Indian Lake graduate. He is an athlete and a scholar. He is well liked by his peers, his teachers and community members. He is active in both in the school and in the community. Whether it is to hand in homework that is on time and neat, on the basketball court to make that foul shot or to help you carry something heavy up the stairs-Aiden is your man!! Everything that he does he puts 100% effort into it. ____________________________________________________________________________ Eric McCauliffe Mr. McCauliffe is the high school Social Studies teacher. He teaches Global Studies I, Global Studies II, US History, Economics and Participation in Government. Mr. McCauliffe is also coaches Basketball and Golf. He has been teaching at the district for 5 years. He is well respected by the students and staff.

Christian Brothers Academy

William Vivian William entered Christian Brothers Academy in sixth grade. Since entering CBA William has participated in numerous extracurricular activities such as Student Government, JROTC, and sports (lacrosse and football). William has 3 brothers and 2 sisters and will be attending Connecticut College next year. ____________________________________________________________________________ Thomas DePalma Thomas DePalma is the World History and AP World History teacher for Freshman and Sophomores at CBA. He has continued to find innovative ways to teach and engage with his students.

Catskill CSD

Matthew Caro Matthew is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2021. He is currently in the New Visions STEM Program at RPI. During high school, Matt has been a member of the music and drama program. He is also a member of the varsity volleyball team. Matt has maintained the top position in his class, participated in school clubs and activities while maintaining a part time job. He plans to attend UCONN in the fall for Engineering. ____________________________________________________________________________ Michelle Storrs-Ryan Mrs. Storrs is a very caring teacher that goes out of her way to not only teach music but to encourage kids to be their best selves. She recruited me into the music program and has taught me many lessons outside of the classroom as well as in it. Her continued support and encouragement has done a lot to help me become a better, kinder, and more confident person.

Mohonasen CSD

Rachel Nadareski Rachel is a hard-working, curious and motivated young woman. Her overall GPA has earned her the rank of number one in her class. She has played varsity soccer, tennis and ran track and field. Rachel is an active volunteer and member of the National, Spanish and NYS Science and Math Honor Societies. She has participated in Clarkson University’s Horizons program, received the SWE Certificate of Merit and has had her artwork featured in multiple shows. ____________________________________________________________________________ Kristen Vachon Ms. Vachon goes above and beyond to make sure her students succeed. Her honesty and encouragement have given me newfound confidence in my writing.