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Practice Makes Perfect: Engaging Math Instruction

March 27, April 24, and May 22, 2024
4-5 p.m.

$35 per session, or $105 for all 3 sessions

1 CTLE Credit per session

Facilitator: Katie McNally, Guilderland CSD

If we want our students to think like mathematicians and develop the problem-solving skills that will serve them in any field of work, then we must help them develop their math practices. The math practice standards are not “something else” to teach a lesson about, but instead, a roadmap for how we can design instruction. These sessions are aimed at math teachers and will introduce a variety of instructional approaches that are highly engaging for students while also embedding the math practices. The instructional techniques presented over the course of three, hour-long sessions will be applicable for upper elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms. We will also discuss strategies for differentiation. 


In each session, participants will:

  • Complete an example instructional activity to experience it from the student perspective

  • Discuss how the practice standards are embedded in the instruction

  • Explore ways to differentiate the instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners and incorporate student choice


Each standalone session will focus on a different instructional approach. Register for one, two, or all three sessions!


Session 1: Math Lab (Inquiry-Based Instruction) on March 27

Session 2: Problem of the Day (Discourse-Based Instruction) on April 24

Session 3: Multi-Day Project (Project-Based Instruction) on May 22

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